My secret to making my LIST more responsive..

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Ok this is my little secret to make my list more receptive and responsive.

I don't know if you guys use this as well but some folks may not know about it so I am sharing it here.

Ok so apart from the usual list of things like

- Great value adding content
- Personalized emails
- Content focused emails

This is what really helps for me.

The Hero's Journey

What's the Hero's Journey?

You know how in your favorite comic books and movies especially nowadays like DC Comics and Marvel, you have super hero stories with a very familiar story..

- Normal ordinary life
- Something happens to the main character
- There's a struggle
- Someone appears and some dramatic life changes happen
- The call to Adventure
- Resurrection as the Hero
- Saves the world (and meets the girl!)

This technique in story telling instantly connect the audience with the "hero" making the hero instantly relatable and loved.. the story is what catches the audiences hearts.. it's real, it's relatable and it's a story with a happy ending..

The 12 Stages of The Hero's Journey. A popular form of structure derived from Joseph Campbell's Monomyth from his book..

Anyway so you can use this to present your own life story to your LIST which helps to build a deeper rapport and they relate to you more and subconsciously get to know you at a deeper level.

It's easy to do as well - just write out your own personal life following the format. It doesn't matter how boring your life is you still have had some kind of challenges and some form of struggle in your life that you overcame.. everyone has..
so no matter how boring you think your life has been you can write about yourself - your "hero's journey" and send to your list for instant rapport building.

Try for yourself.. I've gotten some solid results from this..
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    Yes good case study .. to keep active & engage i always share relevant tips sometime i do live webinar ... e.t.c
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      Originally Posted by mdmishu View Post

      Yes good case study .. to keep active & engage i always share relevant tips sometime i do live webinar ... e.t.c
      Thanks brother. From my experience, stories really do sell.. and nothing is as powerful as your personal story that you share with your subscribers.
      When they relate with what you're saying in your emails they start looking forward to seeing your name in the Inbox and not the catchy title or tricks a lot of folks use to get higher open rates.

      Learn how I built a 14k email list and monetized it.

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    I agree that telling a story really engages the reader or in this case "The Subscriber" and they tend to open your messages a bit more frequently. There are other ways as well to get those open rates a bit higher. Sales,Sales,Sales gets Less,Less,Less attention.

    Try some curation letters-cool info you didnt create yourself
    Invitation -to a motivational or $$ making event
    A results letter- doesn't have to be your results
    And then there is the Love Letter - letting your subscribers know how much you adore them
    and of course ,the story telling letter.
    Just a few examples on how to keep your subscribers happy and your open rates high
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    How do you personalize mails in addition to names and may be email id?
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