I got 750 email subscribers in 6 months but the opening rate is 7% :(

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I have a health and fitness blog. I started aweber to get email subscribers and in 6 months I managed to get 754 subscribers.

My offer is a weight loss report and I am promoting a clickbank product (weight loss product).

Every Friday I sent to my subscribers my blog rss feeds.

plus I have a 3 days email followup but the opening rate of them is 7%
I have also broadcast emails promoting clickbank product and my opening rate is under 7%

how can I increase my subscribers opening rate? I have 754 subscribers but only 50 of them read my emails.
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    • Originally Posted by seofreetips View Post

      What is the subject line you are using?
      Use good and exitment subject line ,It will surely increase your opening rate.
      If you still suffer this problem ,ask or reply and I am sure someone will help you here.
      Have a good day.

      That is way to vague to answer. If you want help please give us information that we can use to help.

      7% is well below average. How did you get the subscribers?

      How often are you engaging? Did you use an AutoResponder then move to broadcasts or have you just been updating the A.R?

      What did you give them to get on the list?

      How many emails have you sent on average since have 750 subs?

      What's the niche? What's the sub-niche? Go as deep as you can..

      Example: 30 year old males looking to lose 2 stone because they are going on holiday in 3 months.

      Limits the amount you market to but increases the relevance to those who you do and product fits them better.
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  • Do you send your newsletters always as HTML? This is a must if you want open rate tracking because plain text message don't have the ability for tracking.
    How often do you send ?
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    I think you are using very common email title (ex: how to lose weight, or lose weight in x days etc) these days people don't open these kind of email so you should write great title it will sure boost your open rate
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      Originally Posted by Chain lee View Post

      I think you are using very common email title (ex: how to lose weight, or lose weight in x days etc) these days people don't open these kind of email so you should write great title it will sure boost your open rate

      Hello there, maybe you can add a personal touch to your content title, so that you can encourage more people to open and check out your emails.

      Hope this helps.
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    Every Friday I sent to my subscribers my blog rss feeds
    There's part of your problem. When you send out rss feeds the Big Three, Gmail, AOL and Outlook will consign those to 'newsletter' status.

    Anyone viewing their mail on the Big Three will not see your messages.

    I haven't seen your emails, obviously, but on the basis of what you have said it seems like they might be rather impersonal i.e. factual rather than friendly?

    Try writing as though you were writing to a friend, instead of thinking about your mass of subscribers. Write to one person, an avatar.

    And I would write every day, by the way.
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    Or continue to build your email list.

    7% isn't that bad

    Think about it like this if you had a list of 10,000 people and 7% of them opened
    that would be 700 opens.

    Then again who cares about opens how many sales you make is the real
    metric to focus on.

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    7% is indeed good. Try controversial or incomplete subject lines. For example, Do you that you can....
    See the open rates soar!
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    First, try to increase the follow up days.(let's say 4 days)
    Second, try to change things in the swipes or write new ones,
    then give it go and see what happens.
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    7% is definitely on the low side, but it's not surprising given your niche. Try split testing your subject line, sending them better e-mails and so on. It's also very important that your subscribers know how often they'll be hearing from you BEFORE they sign up. Then remind them on your first e-mail. It's possible to double your open rate (or even triple it) with some work.
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  • Subject lines
    Email content
    What you are providing to the list
    How you continually treat them

    7% opening rate isn't terrible. Not great either.

    A list of 5000 with a 7% opening rate is 350 - If you can write a good email swipe... say 20% CTR thats 70 people.

    Depending on what their offer is and their sales page conversion rate then that could be a decent commision or if its your own product a decent enough amount of sales.

    How long have you had say the first 300-400 subscribers? What was the open rate like then?

    If it still wasn't good then you can consider them burned in my opinion.

    You've been at them a while and haven't made them regular readers of your emails so it's doubtful they'll become that now.

    Keep building the list, get fresh faces and then get your email marketing game up to scratch.

    How were the emails obtained? Squeeze page? Sales?

    What kind of content are you giving them?

    The more you let us all know the more we can help you.
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    We went through the same problem when we were starting out our email campaign. However, we have been gaining more ground by creating responsive emails, and making it sound and look more exciting or seductive.

    Since you are advertising a weight loss solution, it would be helpful if you don't bombard your email with too much text or graphics.

    Please bear in mind that weight loss products and solutions are very common in the market and your email can be easily construed by the filters as spam. Make your offer look like you are giving consumers something new by using an enticing subject line.

    This could also be a factor for your low opening rate.

    Are you using an email marketing software? Maybe you can provide a screenshot of your email campaign so the folks here can provide more input and tips.

    Best regards,
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    As mentioned above the subject line is very important. Also the return email address should not be gmail, yahoo, etc, or any free email. It should be Something@YourSite.com

    This way it will help prevent emails from going into spam folders. If you do not have this set up it should be available from your hosting company at no charge as part of your hosting service. Then put that email address into your autoresponder.
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    If people know your blog, use your blog tittle in your subject and maybe mention and give out some freebie to sweeten the pot for people. Nice freebies from reputable sources tend to boost all kinds of stats
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