Your best purchase conversion rate from your email list?

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I know anything from zero sales on up is possible and every situation is different. But given this kind of situation:
  • Warm list interested in niche topic
  • $200+ product price
  • Low to medium income members

I would LOVE to hear about your highest conversion rate you have achieved, in terms of (# sales / list size), for a $200+ product. OR a particular success story you know of.

I've watched some videos of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula owners, but I don't recall any specific list conversion rates mentioned.

I'm optimistic because I have a high open rate, old website, and a community.

I know some skilled marketers measure things in other terms like $/member/month, but I'm hoping to have a reasonable expectation of a 1% sales conversion rate on my list for this one product. I've heard of crazy high conversion rates, but the ones I've heard of are always for cheap ebooks, not $200-300 products.

I imagine someone has achieved this, but I would just love to hear about it so I can feel better taking the plunge to blow some PPC money to build my list to a large enough size for my launch to be worth doing. If I feel llike 1% isn't achievable for me right now, I'll have to rely on other methods of list building.

Or else what was your best conversion rate for list members who clicked through to your sales page? (# sales / list member clicks) Assuming a good sample size.
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