How to avoid getting filtered into spam box?

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I want to start up an interesting conversation here. Many marketers over here rely on email as a source of reaching a wide range of demographic to sell their ideas. Because there is a reason behind it. According to Mckinsey and Company research email is still significantly effective at gaining customers than social media sources like Facebook and twitter.

But the problem comes when your email doesn't reach your recipients inboxes. So my question from all warrior fellows at this forum is to enlighten us with your experience that "How you guys avoid getting filtered into the spam box''.

It's a pretty basic question and different experiences shared on this topic can really help new marketers out here.
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    I'm a firm believer that you need to test, rather than do this or that and hope for the best.

    The best way for most is to create a seed list of the top domains you send to and test before mailing and include the seeds in your actual lists as well.

    For most, just having seed accounts for the top, gmail, yahoo and hotmail/outlook will likely account for up to 90% of their data. This is includes parent domains using the same MX server.

    However, you should ideally know the domain breakdown of your list. So if out are having a problem, you will have a good idea, how big or small it is. If your having a problem with hotmail and it's only 5% of your list. It's not as bad as having a problem with gmail and it's 55% of your list.

    You could setup spamassassin with razor2 and pyzor plugin, to help with testing GI. Cables domains are problematic for seeds, as most don't offer an email only option.

    Also, keep in mind that all domains don't have the same filters. So what inboxes aol, may not inbox yahoo. If your using autoresponders, they are all not the same. One may deliver better to gmail and another may deliver better to yahoo. If you get to the point that you have a big list, you may want to test this and you may want to shift your data around.

    In the end, trying to increase your engagement is one of the best things you can do.

    If you have low open rates, then get rid of non responsive users that don't open any messages in 30-45 days. So you increase your open rates. Try and get users to reply. Ask questions or at the very least, ask for opinions. With opinions, you can get users to reply, but you don't have to reply back. Use subject lines that create curiosity and increase your opens. Explain to subscribers how to whitelist your email.
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    First of, make sure that you are setting a valid email address to send the email from. This is the first check of many spam filters, if you fail on that aspect your email goes directly to spam.
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    Hello there,

    I believe to avoid this unfortunate situation, do not make your email too sales-y and too good to be true. REACH for the people on your lists first, on a personal manner. Then, build a solid good reputation then you can already begin increasing your marketing efforts substantially.
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    I believe the most basic factors of deliverability is the IP of your email server (IP not tagged as spammy) and the content of your email (no spammy keywords that trigger spam filters). There are testers readily available for you to determine the chances of your email reaching the inbox.
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    I think your receipts should be your subscribers - only in this case you can be sure that emails will not be in Spam. But that is not 100% sometimes emails to subscribed users can be in their spambox as well.
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    Adding to the response of yellowmedia, if you set your from field correctly, then you could also try and have your readers add you as contact on their list. Make sure that you also have your recipient's name in the ‘To’ field,
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    Try not to add too much images in your emails, it has to contain a higher text to image ratio. And just to share, what I do is offer the unsubscribe option, this way you would be able to filter out your list and make sure that the subscribers left, really wants to be updated.
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    Just do inbox placement testing, if you are getting bad results, then it's time to investigate why.

    1) Is it your email authentication?
    2) Is it your email configuration?
    3) Is it your email reputation?
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    In general, what I do is make sure that my subject line doesn't sound fishy. I avoid the Buy now, click here words on the subject line, because those are definitely gonna be red flags.
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    Yup, I agree with winnipegtech. Spam filters act on the subject line the most, so aside from those words, refrain from using all caps, spaces on your letters and links.
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    Yes, i agree with wiretree this method of How to avoid getting filtered into spam box. People can trust this.
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