Best mass email provider?

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I am wondering which service you guys find best to build lists and send mass emails with, thanks in advance!
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    I use aweber and mailchimp, in three very different niches
    Both of course have advantages and disatvantages. If you could give a little more info on what you want to do in what niche you will get more useful pointers.
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    zendesk is not good for mass mailing from my experience. I prefer mailchimp.

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    There are several good email marketing software in the market but I feel that Mailchimp is still the best, especially because they have a free plan which you can use in your business already.
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    Be cautious if you are using MailChimp. Read their terms and policy to see if it is suitable for the niche that you are in. If you are in the make money online niche, affiliate marketing, MLM, Mailchimp doesn't really like that and it is a matter of time they may shut your account. So just be cautious and do a quick check first if your niche is suitable.

    Here are the excerpt of what mentioned in their policy:



    Some industries have higher-than-average abuse complaints, which can jeopardize the deliverability of our entire system. Nothing personal, but in order to maintain the highest delivery rates possible for all our customers, we can’t allow businesses that offer these types of services, products, or content:

    Escort and dating services
    Pharmaceutical products
    Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities
    Gambling services or products
    Multi-level marketing
    Affiliate marketing
    Credit repair and get out of debt opportunities
    List brokers or list rental services
    Selling “Likes” or followers for a social media platform


    Personally, I would recommend Getresponse/Aweber. If the pricing is a concern, go for MailerLite. Self-hosted is another option but if you are just starting out, avoid it as it requires some setup/configuration and unless you know what you are doing, you may screw certain things up and it may not work well. So it that case, hosted solution like GR/Aweber/Mailer is probably a better choice for newbies.
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    I use ConvertKit. It's easy to set up forms, autoresponder sequences, and automation rules. Also, you are only charged once for each email, even if they are on multiple lists.
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    I use ActiveTrail

    Activetrail is working well for us. We can even send massive emails, and I know that ActiveTrail can handle up to millions. Their system is easy to use as well.
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    for high-quality returns on your investment try optincontacts Inc
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    you can try sendblaster, they have a great email marketing service in the web
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    There is a company called bulkresponse you can check them out..they even provide dedicated servers for enterprise level customers at a very reasonable cost.

    Affordable Email Marketing for High volume email marketers

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    Hello there,

    You can try AWeber. their services are pretty great!

    Good luck!
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    Been a longtime user of MailChimp - their automation tool is awesome! Highly recommended. Inbox rate is high as well.
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    Aweber plus AWProTool are beasts right now.
    Very good open rates and list segmentations possibilities.
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    For mass sending you can search for
    self hosted autoresponders as they
    are quite cheap as compared to
    Aweber and Getresponse
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