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Quick question to everyone I was doing consulting for an Italian restaurant and they ended up shutting down and are completely out of business. When I left I was given their email list which they compiled from people signing up to their birthday promotions. My question is would you guys use this list on a Japanese restaurant and how would you go about doing this?
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  • At least it is about a restourant. You can probably mention that the old restourant closed doors and yours is at his place now. The good thing is that you notify about the restourant they've subscribed for, and what happened to it, as well as advertising your own.
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    Definitely, you can endorse offers or a relevant product relate to what they sign-up for.
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    Yes by all means try and email them on special discount for the new Japanese restaurant, you may get some that like this kind of food. Plus tell them to tell their friends about you.

    Once you get your own site build up an email list yourself too!

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    Why not use it for another Italian restaurant?
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    I would say that would work. Birthdays don't change so that's valuable information that you can adopt to the new Japanese restaurant. But you do have to inform those email subscribers what happened (i.e. from Italian restaurant to Japanese restaurant) or your messages will simply be perceived as spam.
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    Yes I would absolutely its an asset.

    What i'd do is setup a squeeze page & email them 7-21 times over a span of 1 month & see who opts in.

    Those who don't you get rid of. LIke literally get rid of the list.

    The remainders you use as a birthday promotions list for which there are a tonne of things you can promote to them

    good luck bud #successwithsamii
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    Hello there,

    Yes, that would be absolutely fine since they're in the same industry.

    Wishing you the best of luck.
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    Yes I definitely would use this. It is in the same field of business -- food. I would first give an introductory email about the Japanese restaurant and its location, with a special first-time customer discount.
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