What can I offer to my list?

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Hello guys.

Quick question: What may I offer to a list of MLM subscribers? This people are networkers on a health-related company. I'm looking for stuff I could offer them. If this info helps, I'm a developer, and I'm able to produce any software tool. I'm also open to offer other types of items as well that may apply.

Any advice is very well received. Thanks!

- Juan José
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    Is your list made of people in your down line exclusively, or MLMers in general for the health care company? Training is usually a good offer. Perhaps a JV with someone who teaches workshops on building a network. Just my thoughts.

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    you seem like a talented guy with your software background.

    I'd get out of MLM and create software based on problems people have..

    just saying,
    Ike Paz
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      Originally Posted by aizaku View Post

      I'd get out of MLM...
      just saying,
      Ike Paz
      The inference being, MLM is bad. Couldn't disagree more. Just like many things, MLM has good and bad neigborhoods. But MLM'ers can be a fantastic market to go after. Very similar to IM, in that people are devoted to the dream. Very easy to market to.

      I'd look at some popular mindset products, PLR has a lot of good stuff on motivation, mindset, becoming a better communicator, stuff like that. Obviously complementary health info, since that's what the system is selling.

      Can be easy to re-purpose the PLR in your own tone/style, and on the cheap. Spend a few hours getting that done, setting up your responder, sprinkle in a few paid offers, and you're golden.

      Can also survey your list ask them questions about their hangups, whats holding them back, etc. Get it from the horses mouth, then focus on solving those problems.

      Other than that, grow that list. MLM'ers are a gold mine.

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      Originally Posted by aizaku View Post

      you seem like a talented guy with your software background.

      I'd get out of MLM and create software based on problems people have..

      just saying,
      Ike Paz
      Totally agree with this.
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    Hey jimmeettee!

    Thanks for your advice.

    I'll research some experts to see who to team up with!

    The list is people from different lines on the company. I used to do this business. Stopped doing it because of lack of products in my country, due to economy situation.

    I'm targeting people mainly in US and Europe doing this business part/fulltime.
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    Hey Aizaku.

    I'd like to see a way to benefit from it, because the list is already built and I wouldn't like to miss an opportunity that could be hidden in here. If things get out of hands (for the worst) then I'll completely leave it behind and go another route.

    Thanks for your time!!!
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    Create content related to health that benefits your subscribers. If you prefer to write it yourself, that's good. But since you said you are a software developer, I guess you're not enjoy writing. In that case, just outsource it.

    Create health related ebook with nice graphic e-cover to your subscribers. You may also create a simple yet useful software that filled with great content (article/video/etc) such as types of diseases and how to cure them, pack in a software that they can install to their laptop/desktop. Software is usually perceived as higher value compare to ebook or report. Make sure to have your mlm affiliate link in the software to get free traffic.
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    Depends on the niche, but offer them a video or report that helps solve one BIG problem or question they have. That freebie will be like a little nibble of value, and the product you're offering is the full course.
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    Teach your subscribers how to get more leads and cashflow...that's what most MLMers struggle with. You must hit the pain points of your market if you want to make money.
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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for all your responses.

    tyronne78: This is what I was thinking. I'll be researching a bit more on this pain points to exploit them.

    PvPGuy: Thank you for this golden nugget. I agree with you too, and there is a gold mine in MLM industry, similarly to IM, because there's the dream and the pasion of people involved, doing their most to reach there. Of course, they are always looking for a shortcut to success. I'll stick with this.

    Once again, thank you all!!!
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    How can you provide value to them? Who are your subscribers and what can you do to help them out? Its your list not mine. Thats part one is understanding who they are and what they need.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Can you be a little more specific like what kind of health-related industry are they in? There are so many things they actually need. For example (I am a programmer myself too), EMR (electronic medical record)...

    CEO of webbridgellc.com

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    How about a tool to help them find new prospects? Online tool would be able to collage people asking about their products or complaining about the products of competing business or alternative solutions.
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    You can also develop a crm tool that can help them view all their past and current conversations with each prospect from their social media accounts, forums, and email without having to fill-up a CRM database for every conversation.
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    If your list is composed of people from the MLM industry, it would be interesting to them for you to provide tricks and tips for them to generate more business, how to convince other people to join the network, and general ideas on how to earn more money.

    Do you also write? Once you have decided on your offer, you can either write a compelling article (with more to follow) for a newsletter, or you can hire copywriters. Maybe you can team up with authorities in the MLM business to create an inspirational video for your email campaign.

    You can also send newsletters about health that can help the people sell their products. Just a thought.
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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    Distributors of MLM can always use help with steady flows of qualified leads. If you can product a software that semi-automates that or a tutorial that shows them how to do that, you would be golden.
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    A software for MLMs to keep track their downline performance and growth will be good as a gift to your subscriber.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Provide QUALITY information related to Health and act like you dont want to sell anything or to force join anything.

    Create strong relationships emails and see the results in the long run.
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    How about a simple resize tool that can transform 1 photo with added caption to sizes ideal for twitter, instagram, facebook with just one click?
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    Promoting MLM offers requires a proper strategy
    and it is the only reason why many people don't
    have enough success with it b/c they are doing it
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    You can offer them ebooks regarding Health Tips. So that you can generate income for your list as you mentioned you have a huge list so do it mean while build your software and attach links in your emails to get traffic to your site for selling software.you said it's regarding health so search for health related ebooks you can find many in amazon associate central.
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    Register a Video of YOU and tell to your subscribers how u have been successful with mlm in your niche.
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