Did gmail supports responsive email design?

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Google didn't announced about responsive designs in gmail app. But would like know about this. Share your ideas....

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    Heya! They sure do, but the breakpoint seems to appear around the 450px mark. Are you using anything like EmailOnAcid, Litmus etc.. ?
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    Responsive is mainly for websites, not for emails.

    Most mobile email clients shrink the emails, be careful what testers you use to test your emails. Because if they are just displaying it in a fixed pixel iframe vs shrinking it. It's not really how it's going to look.

    Also these testers don't take into account, font-size adjustments people use on the different devices.
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    Gmail has not historically supported classes or id’s in the <head> of an email, which forced email designers to use inline CSS to style their emails. Now, Gmail will support embedded CSS with classes and id’s, which removes the need for inline CSS in Gmail. This also means Gmail will finally support media queries—and responsive email.
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    Hola warriors!
    Email template design is the most important part of email marketing. Nowadays 60% user Thayer email check to mobile drives. so Warriors! Responsive Email Template Design is many many important parts to email marketing. Then you lost 60% user.
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