Growing your list WITHOUT a website?

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Well, I suppose

implies a full blown website, as Step 2 is:

2. Create a single-page website.

But the idea is still very sound.... as you can use free sites like
Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website |

And I like their suggestion of #4:

4. Share your broadcast archive page.

All in all, its a neat hack. Enjoy!
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    Hmmm... well, except for idea #1, I guess, you do need a website eventually. But these are very helpful tips if you do not have a website YET. Thank you for sharing!
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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    I guess you coulddddd do it, but you'd save lots of time and headaches by just having a website.
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    Thanks for this, barbling. But whether we like it or not, BUILDING A WEBSITE is still the best 'hack' to let your business grow... I mean, that's where our credibility stands.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks. Also, simply linking your mailchimp signup form URL to your Smore newsletter page (all free) also works. But still, you will need to create valuable content to share with targeted audience while building the list.
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    The mere fact that #2 states: create a single page website alone proves you need a website technically lol.

    But i get what they're trying to say. A site without content etc.

    And, yes money can be made without it. But a shiznit load more money can be made WITH a website.

    Those looking hard into this strategy are frankly being lazy & are trying to skip a way to success faster then what they deserve.

    Don't be afraid to put in the work for longer term gains good luck!
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    You can Grow a List WITHOUT having a website.

    But u need more in ads budget and you have to deliver content via pdf report.

    But you can do it.

    Just use some professional tool like Leadpages for having your opt in page set.

    You can give content via Youtube videos made by You about your niche, or Report, or Software...or coaching.
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