Email marketing still alive!

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Hi All,
I`m curious what do you think about email marketing as one of the best marketing channels in terms of conversion rate? It seems to be still very effective method how to run your campaigns successfully and maximize your performance potential.

There are some activities how to improve marketing metrics:
1. See how newsletters look in different email clients
2. Generate several suggestions for subject line
3. Personalize content
4. Test multiple templates
5. Find an overly wordy copy and simplify it
and if the result is still not satisfied the web and mobile segmentation tool should help to audit incoming traffic and redirect it to a way where you can get the best result.
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    Yes, for as long as people use emails to communicate online, email marketing will be effective. It has been even more effective because people get the exact information or newsletter that they subscribed to.

    The internet is filled with a tremendous amount of information, and it takes time to scour through it to get exactly what you want. With email marketing, they can subscribe to the kind of service or information that they specifically want to read.

    So reaching a target market or niche market is made easier through email marketing. It's just up to us to keep these relationships and build on them to convert to sales and revenue.
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    I have been monetizing data (email) for over 16 years and have no plans to stop.

    Email is ingrained within society and businesses and continues to grow. As long as it exists, it should remain as a top marketing channel.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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