How Would You Build A Good List Reasonably Fast?

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What are some ways to build a quality email list reasonably quick (like, within 90 days) to at least 1K-2K subscribers?

"Quality email list" means...every person on that list has some level of interest in the specific niche, already knows who I am, and wants to hear from me when they get their first email from me.

Note: I'm NOT looking for easy. I'm exploring different strategies that actually work.*

I know of (and have used) 3 main methods/strategies:
1.) Classic "organic/seo" with backlinks, quality content (many variations)...all driving traffic to a niche opt-in page.
Lots of work, but with decent copy and the effort it can certainly be done.*

2.) Various "paid" traffic: Adwords, FB ads, banner ads/networks, paid solo ads, direct mail...sending traffic to a niche opt-in page.
If you've got the money, you can buy just about as many leads as you can afford.

3.) Teleseminar event with experts: You host an event with a dozen or so experts in a particular niche who each have a list, each expert emails his or her list about this event where you interview them...and for people to attend the event they have to sign up on your site (since you're the host)...thus, building your niche list.
Lots of work, but can build a huge list within 2-3 mos.*

*When done right

I've seen various software tools that "claim" to build a list, but I have no experience with these...and I'm always highly skeptical of any "automated/done for you" systems.

What OTHER main methods/strategies are there to build a good quality list?
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    That depends, having a list doesn't mean they're subscribers. What niche are you talking about exactly?
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      Originally Posted by Matthew Iannotti View Post

      That depends, having a list doesn't mean they're subscribers. What niche are you talking about exactly?
      Ah...good point. Thank you for helping me clarify, Matthew.
      In this question I'm thinking more of the initial sign-up strategy (from scratch)...not "are they gonna be long-term subscribers to my newsletter."

      For example...let's say I'm in the 'Yoga' niche (I'm not...I think you could put any health/wealth/love niche here).
      We can replace 'Yoga' with 'golf' or 'teaching your parrot to talk' or 'losing weight' or 'making more money' or 'growing tomatoes' or...

      To build a list of people interested in learning more about 'Yoga' (and then ultimately selling them a valuable info product/coaching/tool/app, etc)...

      I know of 3 main list building strategies...

      1.) I can build a site/blog, optimize for keywords, post articles, do guest blogging, press releases, build a fancy link-wheel network (Google-friendly, of course), Web 2.0 sites...and drive these visitors to an opt-in page.

      2.) I can pay for AdWords, Facebook/banner/solo ads, etc targeted to people interested in 'Yoga'...and drive this traffic to an opt-in page.

      3.) I can hold a telesummit with a bunch of 'Yoga' experts who all each have a list and have each expert email his or her own list to sign up for the summit where I interview these experts.

      I'd like to know about other overall strategies our fellow Warriors use.
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    I acquire data (email) VS building lists. At least for the verticals that I promote on a large scale.

    As I do some actual list building, but I only do it for the projects, that I can't just acquire specifically target data that I want.

    Let me explain something. Data that I acquire (not building) I do this to promote PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers. With PPL offers, there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a use has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher than offers that require you to make a sale.

    If you are wanting to promote a specific site or offer that requires a purchase, then acquiring data may not be the best route and developing your own opt-in lists may be the much better choice.

    If you are looking for an additional revenue stream or you are simply looking for a business model that that is proven to work, then you may want to consider it.

    I just replied to a post that some was asking about generating mortgage leads and I explained about acquiring data, as mortgage leads are a PPL offer. However they could have been asking about any PPL type offer and my response would have been the same.

    For example: insurance, debt, credit, loans, education, assistance, homeowner offers, etc, etc...

    Anyway, if interested. here is a link to the post:
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    A list resembles a group of individuals who are interested in what you do or what you're offering to them.

    Instead of building a list with emails, why not try building a following on YouTube or any social media platform?

    Isn't that kinda like having an email list? It will be slow; of course, but like anything, it will take sometime; depending on the niche, before you see some actual results.
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    Build fast? Then paid traffic is the way I would go.

    Rob Whisonant
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    You can build a good list, fast list, or inexpensive list. Pick two, cannot have all three.

    Fast+ Inexpensive is what most go for, and that loads you up with freebie seekers as method involves giving away something. I do not use this method, and I am minority there, because when I did, I ended up being pushed into higher list brackets and I found that $$$ per email dropped.

    Good+Inexpensive is slow. You simply do not offer a freebie. This is what I use for most of my sites. They receive weekly digest of my blog posts, and very rarely (maybe twice per year) legitimate affiliate offer. Never anything from Clickbank, or anything fishy. Instead I send things like promotional discount on Scrivener.

    Either method can be enhanced using Facebook Ads as cheapest decent solution, Google or Bing Ads as more expensive solutions, or by creating a product which you will give away 100% to your affiliates from, but capture sales emails.
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      Originally Posted by Vedmak View Post

      You can build a good list, fast list, or inexpensive list. Pick two, cannot have all three.
      Ah, yes...thank you, Vedmak.
      Thank you for reminding me of the over-arching "Triple Constraint" of my college project management courses. 'Good, fast, cheap'...pick 2.

      Yes, most do opt for fast & cheap.
      This is very good advice for building a list. Patience is truly a virtue in this case...spend the time to have a good list on the cheap. Or, spend for the ads to have a good list fast. Either way...always go for good (if you want long-term success).

      Sage wisdom.
      Thank you, thank you!
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    Building a good list will firstly require targeting at the right audience. Good paid traffic source allows you to do this to select your target audience.

    Having said that, you may try free traffic as well such as guest blogging. It is super targeted as well and can get you floods of opt-ins if you have quality article published at high trafficked blogs.
    Lightning Fast All-in-one Marketing Tools. Learn more and get yours FREE!
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