5 years building a +10,000 active Leads List, Next ..

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Did the clickbait title catch your attention ?! Good

So, i have been collecting leads and building a special list using a personal website to turn some of the european visitors into customers for a Hotel (Yes, the Hotel is doing pretty well), the list got quite big meanwhile, as the title says i now have a +10k leads and considering the fact that i don't spend that much on advertising, if i do the math, it cost me less than $1.20 per lead/customer.

I came across one of Frank Kern's videos on Youtube lately and i remembered the famous saying " The Money Is In The List ", and i was thinking that i should start monetising this list by promoting some of the products/services that my customers could be interested in, the thing is that i haven't done any follow ups since the last sale.

As John Chow says, it's easier to sell ten $10k masterminds than to sell a 10,000 $10 eBooks, i have been looking into some affiliate programs in the Retail /Fashion, Family, Health & Beauty and Insurance niches, but i don't want to eF up the customer relationship by promoting irrelevant products or using the customer's trust, the ideal for me would be to send Location-Based Coupons, promote local businesses or something similar, but looking into affiliate network offers, none of them does that do they xD.

The million dollar question is, what affiliate products could a Hotel e-promote to its customers ? Or maybe there is an even better way to monetise a list ?

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts

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    Maybe look into travel agencies, airline companies, and the like..
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    products that are handy and useful while on a stay away from home
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    Make a list of companies that sell complimentary products or services then approach them directly and propose a joint venture deal. Say you have a list of 10,000 buyers and work a deal with them. If you are good you could get 60% profit of all sales and still offer a great deal to your customer database.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, you gave some great ideas.
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