Whats the best way to start email marketing

by ColinB
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Hello hello hello. Email marketing is another aspect of marketing that Im trying to wrap my head around with a view to utilizing it to promote my business at some stage in the future.
Ive gotten my head around the basics of email marketing and what I can do with it to really help my business. Ive got a decent sized mailing list made up of pretty genuine leads and Ive got a good idea how to grow this going forward.
But before I take the plunge and invest in a top level email marketing service or program, Id like to maybe try it out first with some inexpensive or possibly free software. Just while Im getting the hang of creating and writing the campaigns, and while I grow my list of leads to a size that would justify such an expenditure on an email marketing programme.
So, can anyone recommend some decent, entry level email marketing programmes that could be used while still on my email marketing learning curve.
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