Bulk mail, not getting delivered

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I have a huge opted in list I bought.
I have a server sending 1/2 a millon emails a day.
Where I am failing is my open rate.
I think all my mail is being blocked or to the spam folder.
I need advise as to what to change.
My ideas are that I should sent less mail each hour.
rotate my subject lines more.
I do have 64 ips.
Anyone have ideas as to what I should try next?
Right now my open rate is 0.03
What ideas do you have for my situation?
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    Did you ever have a blacklist checker and a delisting tool for your IP and Domain?
    Your IP's are blacklisted basically.

    You can try these services for your server to monitor your IP's and Domains

    Get a new set of IP's and properly warm them up and pair them up with a monitoring tool.
    If you setup your server with PMTA then it has an automated feature for IP rotation and IP warmup.

    Emails send per IP for IP warmup process will be 150-250 per hour.
    Then once it warms up you can send 10K per day per IP.

    Do not oversend and check your records if you configured it properly from DKIM, SPF, DMARC, ELHO & rDNS
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    How old is the data?

    For fresh / targeted data, I use autorespponders / smtps that have shared IPs, that way I can piggyback off the good IP reputation of all the users. But even with fresh / targeted data there is far more to it than just having a way to send it.

    For aged data, I use a self hosted mailer and my own servers / IPs. With aged data you simply aren't going to build IP reputation, because you are going to get a low response rate. So I only send domain targeted data, that I know I will get the best deliverability with.

    Additionally, you have to send high volume to make decent money. So you need a lot of IPs and it's imperative that you not over pay for them!!!. You also want to work with mail friendly IP providers that will replace the IPs if you get blocked / blacklisted that can't be removed and won't shut you down over some complaints. I never pay for IPs until after I check them and make sure they are not blocked or on any blacklists.

    The key is to always collect your opens / clickers, because that is where your money is going to come from in the long run. Also, you aren't going to mail to AOL, the same way for GI. So you need to know what you are doing.

    Lastly, don't ever blindly just buy data, unless you are buying in bulk for dirt cheap prices and you have the tools to turn it into good deliverable data. Otherwise you want to always first get a sample and test it and get an idea how long it is like to take you to break-even. Then you will know what it is worth to you.
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      Which server companies do you recommend?
      My data is opted in, I do have the timestamp for each. But they range from 2009-2013
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    Tony D brings up a good point. Your delivery system's info may have reached blacklist. Title words. Number of factors to consider. Also use Can Spam complaint measures.
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    2009-2013 is pretty old. The oldest data I have right now is 2013-2015 and a good amount of it is 2015.

    Old data is bound to have spam traps / bounces in it.

    I verify all domains first and then remove bounces using programs that I developed.

    I also developed a program that I call a social segmenter. It checks the data against the email used for social media users acct. The matches that I get are highly likely to be their main email (they check often) and extremely unlikely to be a trap.

    This way I can pull the potentially best users out of the data and since raw / aged data is so cheap, it's still cost effective, even for portions of the data that get low matches.

    Then I will usually have it cleaned by a hygiene company and since I pre-cleaned and pulled the best data, I'm paying to clean less / have lower cleaning costs.

    Doing the above is key to success.
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    Your server has a limit each hour just ask for the limit Your emails are not being sent out at all. The server will take days to send that amount That is unless you use a email service provider But not your normal hosting server. Robert
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    There might be few reasons like: The list hygiene level, need to rotate the ip, Use neverbounse
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    If you're going to mail using your own IPs, you really need responsive data capable of warming up the IPs and creating good IP reputation.

    Otherwise, you need to domain target your data and mail domains that are easier to inbox/push volume. You will churn and burn IPs, just to what degree depending on the strategy.

    Way too many people think that you can just buy data and set up your own server/IPs and mail without next to no problems. There are so many bogus companies that preach just that, along with wickedly overcharging for IPs(which may not have even been clean IPs to begin with). They are just taking advantage of novice mailers.Then when it doesn't work out for the person, then they tell them it must be your data. Of course, this is after the person wasted their money.

    Not that you can't make money buying data, I've been doing it for over 16 years. Building a 6-7 figure business doing it is truly possible. However, it's a lot like an iceberg, in that only about 10% of it is visible and the other 90% is underwater. Where with monetizing data, it's the 90% that is not obvious that can make or break you.
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    Hello Team,

    you should update all mail sending policy records like as SPF, DKIM, DMRC, PTR/rDNS.
    >> Should be add IP rotation in Exim.
    >> Should be use 16 IPs for one campaign
    >> should be add multi host name.
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    Hey, some advice.

    I send over 100mil emails per month, and work with all the major email's spam and delivery teams. (I use GetResponse's Enterprise Program btw)

    1st. Don't buy lists, full stop. This will never work.

    2nd. It's your sender rep that has been damaged. They saw a huge blast in emails all of sudden and their alarms went up. You need to ease in with big lists like that.

    3rd. Try the 20/80 rule. See which emails opened your previous one and send to 20% of them. Keep raising the percentage with each send. (Only sending to active and responsive emails) Soon, your sender rep will get better and your open rates will increase.

    Also, in general, the more emails you send, the more trouble you will have with open rates etc.
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    Buying and opt in shouldn't be in the same sentence lol. How would I of opted in for you to send me email if I've not given you my email ;-)
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    Why do people constantly try to do this. Your open rates are bad because

    1. You emails are not getting through the ISP
    2. Your email are getting put in spam folder

    You can chase your tail for months...bulk mail is tough to do. Try building a list the proper way if you want results.

    Good lick

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable. https://soloadmasterclass.com/

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    Depends how you set up those 64 IP's and you have to look at the bounces you're getting back. I would almost guaranteed SpamHaus flagged your IP's for CSS Snow shoeing.

    There is a lot that goes into sending mail and so much more when you doing larger volumes.
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