Email subject lines - why your subject is making your campaign flop.

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Out inboxes are jammed with emails about promos, sales, and communications and as we power towards Christmas it is just going to get more hectic in our inbox.

This time of year I notice a few random campaigns rear their head from people I dont hear much from throughout the year and ordinarily I get to see some of the key campaign doozys that constitute a campaign having a super low open rate plus a high possibility of being unsubscribed.

I know people do it to grab attention, but it is killing their opportunity for success.

Heres a few things that can kill the sale:

When the subject is in caps it immediately turns me off and makes me press the delete button. Avoid capitals in your subject at all costs, its digital shouting and bad manners and should be left alone.

- Poor punctuation and too many exclamation points
We know youre excited by hold back on the exclamations people its not sexy. Adding too much punctuation to a subject is not needed, instead be clever with your words and let them stand out for themselves.

- Keep it tight in the word count

Subject headings should be short and to the point. Dont use up every single character because you have the space. No one wants War and Peace in your subject. Write a snippet that is catchy and grabs your audience and makes them want to click for more. Tease them with your incredible prose and they will take the bait.

- Make it unique - the same subject every send is lazy
How hard is it to create a new subject line every time you send an email? Not hard right. Sending the same title (even if it is brilliant) is lazy. Create a subject title that says whats in the email and youre onto a winner.

- A dodgy subject is misleading - dont do it
Youve probably come across the Re: or Fwd: subjects that like to indicate youve spoken to the sender before. That strategy is misleading and will put your target market off on the wrong foot. If you want them to subscribe this is a surefire way of doing it. Dont be misleading.

- Dont be boring
Refrain from a boring title like Newsletter 34: Summer 2016 what does that really tell us anyway. You have the ability to save the drafts and emails with this information in the back end, dont bore your audience by being uncreative at the front end.

Staying clear of these faux pas will give your email campaign and change at getting opened. While it might take a few extra minutes of brainstorming it is totally worth it in the end.
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    Ah, those exclamation points can make you look like spam... Don't scream at your users in the subject line. LOL.
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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      Originally Posted by desireedavid View Post

      Ah, those exclamation points can make you look like spam... Don't scream at your users in the subject line. LOL.
      I must say, I have a thing against exclamation points and people who think it is necessary to add in too many. The same goes for capitals - I thought everyone knew it is classified as yelling.

      What's the go people, I get you're excited, I understand you want to get your point across but it's like screaming and I don't want to be yelled at.

      Why not try getting your point across subtlely.

      If I receive an email in capitals or any correspondence for that matter I usually ignore it due to the fact that there is bad etiquette and they have put me offside from the start.
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