Need Feedback For Christmas List Idea

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Goal: Provide value to my list of RV owners during the holiday season. Make money in return for my efforts.

Strategy: Send an engagement series to my email list going to a webpage or pinterest board etc(or all)... that has good deals on rv gear for them or for christmas gifts for their loved ones. I would prefer to drop ship. I have an Amazon associates account but that doesnt seem like I am giving them an exclusive deal. I would like to provide more value than just hand-picking good gifts for them.


Have you seen this done and paid off?
Where else should I look for getting deals?
Have any feedback and ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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    First, you say you would like to dropship. Do you have your products and suppliers lined up. If not then you might be too late.

    You might want to use your Amazon Associates account. Make some list posts on your site. Things like "5 Best Gifts for RVers" or "5 Must haves for 2017 RV season" you get the idea.

    Usually planning for Christmas starts in early summer so you are ready.

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    I'd consider doing some type of giveaway contest that would help to build the list. Maybe give away a $100 gift card to Camping World (RV'ers love that place) in exchange for people sharing the contest via an app like Upviral.
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    I agree, I think gift cards will be a great deal this Christmas, they are cheap and they allow people to give away and easy and useful gift to their love ones.

    But besides that, I would look for some niches where you could do some dropshipping with your email list, maybe clothes, or toys, stuff like that.
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