How good are Drip and ConvertKit?

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If you were to start over with your email list & marketing automation, would you consider these newer players?

I'm curious as they may have less legacy baggage, as opposed to the likes of ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft/Ontraport (though those aren't anymore apples to apples to just marketing automation).

1 thing that stands out to me is how ActiveCampaign's email making experience & templates incline you to produce emails that look 1999. It was a very different experience when I was using Intercom, but that's not apples to apples with the marketing automation tools I need, so I had to cancel it.

Drip and Convertkit are also both pushing hard with their marketing and presumably product development.
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    Convertkit is really good. I have been using it for about 6 months and I have it connected to my Leadpages and to my kajabi and gumroad accounts to run my online businesses.
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    I've tried them all - okay maybe not "all" of them - but I've tested over 20 autoresponders during my years...

    From my experiences - if I was to start over...

    I would use Aweber, to start, as they are affordable, have good deliverability, are user friendly and automate with almost everything...

    However, as your business grows - eventually you will get to the point where you have more or less "outgrown" Aweber (or similar providers)...

    I fought against it for years - but self-hosting - ended up being the best option for me in the end.

    At first, I used Interspire with a 3rd party SMTP - I've now got my own SMTP and mail server on it's own VPS. (Previously I had it hosted on my main VPS with all my other web properties).

    Interspire lacks some automation, but there are extensions and add-ons you can buy to help with that. There is also a "Zapier" add-on which helps integrate with nearly all other 3rd party software (other Autoresponders, payment processors, e-commerce platforms, etc).

    I don't have an Aweber account anymore - but I do still have a GetResponse and Traffic Wave account as a backup.

    With that said - to answer your actual questions...

    I'm on the list of a very well known software developer. I recently noticed that he is using "Convert Kit" to send his mails. They land in my inbox just fine. That's my only experience with them though.

    As mentioned above there are also hybrid options available these days - services that "host" the mailing system for you - but use 3rd party SMTP to send your mails. Get Mail and EasySendy are examples. I've used Get Mail - it's okay - it still have a few bugs to work out. Can't speak for EasySendy, but I've heard decent things about them.

    Hope this helps.

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    ActiveCampaign has some problems with digital marketers, affiliation and so on...

    Drip is less affordable but seems better designed and more accurate.

    Otherwise keep in mind that SIMPLICITY is BEAUTY and less fancy emails you send, the best is.
    So a clean enviroment and very simple template like ActiveCampaign could be the best solution with not so high price.

    Just take care that most of the autoresponders now have deliverability problems and tend to ban internet marketers, affiliation marketers, solo ads and so on...
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