Why not segmenting your email list makes you a bit of a fool!

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It still baffles me beyond belief that in this day and age of online marketing, I still receive emails addressed to me for a product that I'll have NO interest in whatsoever. I know that we're all doing our best here but with all the resource that's available, and a lot of it free, there's really no reason not to segment your email list and target your marketing to your appropriate customer.

What I mean by that of course is creating smaller lists out of your central database. If you're writing to sell a new pretty dress that you have in store, send that to women only; that kind of thing.(That was an example, I know that men can buy dresses no need to jump on that!) Segmenting is not rocket science, in fact; it's basic email manners!

If you send your marketing and sales emails out without checking that you've got the right audience in there, here's why you're losing money and are quite frankly, missing out on GOLDEN opportunities.

Your customers are DIFFERENT.
Groups of people can use the same product for very different reasons and it's important that you identify these groups before you write to them. A marketing company could service brand new start up companies, and they could service the established global corporates. The service that they provide each of these companies would be very different so they require completely different messages. Giving the same message to both of these groups will dilute your product and in my opinion, will appeal to neither.

Your relationship with your customers is DIFFERENT.
Some people on your list haven't yet bought from you, others have been a customer for a while. It's so important that you talk to these people differently so that they think you know them personally. It's no good introducing a brand new product from someone who's bought from you countless times and vice versa. Knowing your customer is key to creating lasting relationships and email segmentation is at the heart of that.

Your reputation suffers.
If you can't even talk to your customers in the way that they deserve to be spoken to, expect lots of unsubscribes and loss of sales in the process. It's unlikely that you have a product or service that is so unique they can't get it elsewhere and believe me, if customers dont feel valued (as they don't if they feel you dont know them) then they'll go looking elsewhere!

Better ROI.
If you send an email to 50 people which meets their specific needs, 50 people will buy from you. If you send an email to 50 people which meets 25 peoples needs, 25 will buy from you. OK, this is general but do the math!!

It's so super important that you talk to everyone on your email list as though you know them segmenting is the easiest and most effective way to do that and if you don't, loss of sales are your own fault!
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    List segmentation is actually common practice. As a person who both sends and receives marketing emails, it baffles me, too, how an email that does not interest me at all gets in my inbox. But this only happens every so often.

    If you send an email to 50 people which meets their specific needs, 50 people will buy from you. If you send an email to 50 people which meets 25 peoples needs, 25 will buy from you.
    I think most companies segment their lists. Not doing so makes them prone to losing important customers.
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    Hi adamcurran,

    I agree with your assertion about the importance of market segmentation. In fact that is the most basic concept of marketing. You would have to be completely ignorant of marketing basics to not realize that, yet it is a common problem, I agree.

    For many people, especially those that are into "Affiliate Marketing", which is very common on this forum, they aren't actually "marketing" they are just selling. I have spoken to many WF members that somehow got it into their heads that the only info they need for their list is an email address, and that it is bad form to ask subscribers for anything more than an email address. That's poppycock, of course, but for some reason they have become persuaded otherwise.

    Those same folks tend to send the exact same email to every subscriber on their list, all at the same time, regardless of the relationship or reason for subscribing. Every email goes into the same bucket and gets the same barrage of bulk email spam. Being a mass email spammer is not the same as being a marketer.

    Marketing is about strategy, planning, measuring, adapting, and using a data driven approach that is centered on optimizing messages based market segmentation. Anything short of that is not marketing, it is just selling.

    For those that haven't yet picked up the mantel of true marketing I have a message:

    Stop being a seller, people don't want to be sold. People love to buy. Be a marketer and let you customers be buyers.
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    Think about it: are you more likely to continue your subscription to an email newsletter that delivers timely high quality information that is targeted to YOUR NEEDS or one that takes a generic shotgun approach. Segmenting your list is also a good way to reduce email unsubscribe rate.

    Good Luck.
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    thank you for share , I think you right , We should make relatesionship with customer but we should care to our customer to know what they want
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    Great post! Thanks for sharing!
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