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hi i use the atomic verifier to check my lists`, i am getting a lot of addresses marked , unavailable etc, "services temp unavailable service 550 / 553/421/504 ", should i try these again at another time or just write them off ? thanks donar
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      hi thanks for the reply , not sure what you mean by " ad ones " , can i use those from my verified atomic list that the call , unavailable etc ? thanks don
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    Verify email lists using simulating SMTP connection can be tricky. for example. not matter what @yahoo you use it will always return Valid. Some ISP will Greylist your connecting IP. Use proxy list (Not blacklisted). or use a List Hygiene Software to clean your email lists and remove spamtraps.
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    I like to use List Wise when it comes time to clean up my lists...

    I do this a few times a year - clear out the unopens and then run the list through List Wise for further cleaning...

    Doing this I recently took a 23K list to about 6K without a difference in opens or clicks...

    Of course, I rarely do this to my "buyers" lists - usually just the "Freebie" lists.

    Hope this helps.

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    Verifying leads trough 1 IP with the SMTP connection method is overkill. Such applications will kill your IP reputation, then in future the same IP won't be usable for sending emails for months. It's the same as sending real emails to those recipients. With more complex architecture, a lot IPs, proper IP management and big blacklist is possible. Just 1 IP will be graylisted very soon and the results will become incorrect.
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    500 codes are permanent errors
    400 codes are temporary errors

    However, there is no true 100% standard among error codes.

    Does the program only return the error code? Ideally you also want the description of the error too. Then you can better access things.

    I have a custom built verifier and it returns code and description and I can then create custom filters as to what is truly an invalid address.

    I monetize data, so all this is if the utmost importance, so I have built several other verifiers to help with the overall process. Domain verifier, yahoo verifier and a social verifier.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    If atomic verifier show's descriptions of the errors, then you can figure out most of the inaccurate results. Some codes :

    Soft Bounces:
    Exceeded Storage Allocation : 552
    Transaction Failed : 554
    Mailbox Unavailable : 550
    Mailbox Busy : 450
    Insufficient Storage : 452

    Hard Bounces:
    Mailbox Name Not Allowed : 553
    User Not Local Try Alternate Path : 552
    #550 Codes : Recipient Not Accepted, Sender Not Accepted, Message Not Accepted, Recipient Not Accepted, Sender Not Accepted, Message Not Accepted

    In the 550 codes you can see and errors caused by blacklisted IP, such are containing those strings : 'poor MTA reputation', 'IP address [000:000:000:000] is blacklisted' and so on. This means that your IP is in blacklist and the mail providers refuse your connection.
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      Is there a specific list verification software that you recommend?
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