Value / Approach for a ~100k list of a defunct business in ecommerce fashion high end

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Hello all!

My experience lies in other areas of digital and commerce.

Back in the day I helped a popular fashion site (for high end products) with a lot of tasks in marketing. As the business went defunct I got the owner to give me the list of all his customers. Those are around 100k highly qualified contacts (what they purchase, name, email (verified), address). At signup they agreed to receive marketing material in fashion so to be 'more or less legal' I'd have to keep it within this niche. I did some email marketing (1 or 2 pushes) but don't have the time to fully utilize it's potential. And this was actually a big chunk of the payment I was owed so...

I know about some of the legal implications of what I'm exposing. But I'm not planning to resell this to the lowest bidder or multiple times. I'm just looking for someone interested in making a fair use of it, providing value to those users, while giving me some of the money this list was supposed to cover for.

Where should I look? How should I price it? Or should I try to monetize it myself and if so - given how short on time I am indeed?

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