The four phases of email marketing

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One of the biggest mistakes of e-mail marketing is not making use of it. Many people fear their bad image because it is confused with spam. Few know that it is the most effective online marketing channel if used properly.

Use of databases not allowed: many confuse e-mail marketing with spam. You need the approval of a person to send you a business email. You must have subscribed to your newsletter or be an existing customer. The latter may even have told you that you do not want shipments in such a case the above rule does not apply.
Do not bring sufficient value to the subscriber: e-mail marketing has a lot to do with having a good timing. Failure to respect the phases presented below does not yield the same results. You have to gain confidence before launching commercial offers.
Poor copywriting in the mails: they are basic things that are not taken into account. Among other things missing calls to action and / or convincing writing. If you write a boring mail with concepts that ends up in the spam tray instead of being opened, do not be surprised that you do not get good results.
Generation, activation, conversion and repetition are the 4 phases for the e-mail marketing to work for you
Once youve decided on an appropriate e-mail marketing tool you can get down to business. Few entrepreneurs or marketers have understood that there are different phases in attracting customers with e-mail marketing that can not be skipped if you want to get results.

Generation of contacts: for a person to sign up for your newsletter you have to start by creating one that appears on a visible part of your page. You have to offer some kind of incentive to subscribe. A long-term strategy is to create quality content. If you are looking for short term contacts you can offer something exclusively reserved for subscribers such as downloading an e-book, participating in a webinar, participating in a raffle, etc.

Activation of the contact: although you speak so coldly of contact, there are people behind every email. Sometimes we forget about these basic things. We are human and we relate because we trust other human beings. This phase is key for our subscribers to know us better. For this it is good to let them get things of added value without asking absolutely nothing in return. Respect 2-4 weeks of silence period between each post even if you have to offer good. You have to be respectful when you establish a relationship.

Conversion and sale: the moment of truth has arrived. The first commercial shipment. Previously you have already done 2-4 mailings where you have sought to generate trust by offering products and services without cost. Those who have appreciated these gifts will also open a more commercial shipment because previous experience with you has been good. Now and little by little you can also start asking for something in return. This offer has to overcome by factor 5-10 the value of everything you have sent without asking for anything in return to justify now of your subscriber who pays you for it.

Renovation and new sale: your best customers are the ones you already have. You do not have to convince yourself because this phase is over. They are those who trust you and are even willing to pay you for receiving higher value products and services. Many know this, but few apply it. The easiest sale is the one with your existing customers. If you also use a CRM with which you can differentiate according to the specific interests of each of them, you will be able to hypersegment and increase the likelihood that they will buy you again.

The main problem is that we do not have patience. We want to achieve quick results without being aware that there are phases and steps that we have to respect although we would like to move forward with greater speed.
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