How to find the right audience for my offer?

by Robsn
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Hey folks,

I have an awesome email template to give away for free. This email template is crushing it. As you can think, this is only relevant for people that already have an email list.

Do you have any great ideas how I can target only those people?

Using solo ads would probably be a little waste of money, since there are going to be too many that don't have a list...

Thank you
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    Research on internet who are your visitors to whom you can convert into the customer and let them know that you are giving great offers regarding the products and service what you have, with clear message, image, and text with simplification.

    All the best!
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    Use forums so if you have a affiliate product then go to affiliate forums also join affiliate pages in Facebook as many as you can get active it will work with a little bit of help
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    Your target audience is most likely marketers – specifically marketers who use email marketing as a lead generation tactic.
    Have you considered social advertising?
    B2B lead generation solutions for accelerated sales or marketing growth.
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    Kattie yes In actual fact for a number of years I have been using social advertising. But not as much today. I like Facebook Groups and at one time had loads of twitter accounts spent many a hour on twitter. But to be honest I belong to 50+ groups in Facebook and that keeps me going But I can see Social Advertising will grow. Robert
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