The best headlines for email marketing ???

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I have seen thousands of persons recommending there headlines and while they are nice its allot to scan through. So am guessing split testing the headlines is the best option. do you guys have any incite on this ???
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    The best headlines are ones the email recipient is EXPECTING to get. When they sign up for your email list, they have specific expectations. Make sure the headlines of your emails are what they are expecting to receive.
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    I scan all my messages from time to time and look at the highest open rates. That gives me insight into the types of headlines that work best for my audience.

    Sometimes what you think is best will get lower open rates than others. Your audience will tell you.

    That being said, I stick to the basic formula for good headline writing and work from there.

    I also remember back to what headlines got me to open an email. They are few and far between.
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    I put myself on lots of lists and pay close attention to emails with subjects that create a huge curiosity gap that really pulls me in. And then, if I can modify the subject heading to match my niche for an email, I do it.
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    Look for what emails you open... Make a list of those headlines and write down why you opened... Also you can always use the formula HOW TO (Solve their Problem) Without (Pain or grief). Like HOW TO LOSE 50 POUNDS WITHOUT EXERCISE... Find a truthful one, but that formula sells...
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    A/B testing is always the way to go!

    By doing so, you’re ensuring you’re always using the best possible subject line to boost open rates.
    B2B lead generation solutions for accelerated sales or marketing growth.
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    Check out what the big dogs are sending.

    Former President Obama used the subject link "Hey"

    Sometimes simpler is better
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