NEVER use gmail or yahoo or hotmail as "From"

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The rule is to never use free email like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail as "From" in the email marketing.

I know this rule, but yesterday I see this rule "live."

I made a new campaign, and for testing, i use to be "from" email my Gmail account - then I test sending, and I see its go to "promotion" tab on Gmail, even it contain simple words and it even not contain links in the mail.

Then I test in another email marketing service I have, and the results were same, then I change the "From" mail to be my domain mail - and wow - it the mail goes to my main mail tab.
So by only change the "From" email It's changed how Google - look at my emails I send.

I have a list of things that I love to test when Gmail put my mail on promotion or even on junk, but this is only part of 100% live proof I see the algorithm of filtering work on Gmail engine.

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    Free email accounts don't vehicle trust and give feeling of spam stuff...
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    Maybe I didn't explain myself good, about "From" I mean when using email marketing services like Get Response, or Aweber.
    If you send simple mail from your Gmail to another mail - most of the time it will not happened, it's only happened if you send via email marketing providers.

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    Thats correct. Thanks for sharing @shim333,

    In early 2017, Gmail will change its DMARC policy from p=”none” to p=”reject.” This means any message sent using in the from address, will be rejected (return back to the sender - bounce back.) it will not get delivered. it even will cause email delivery and reputation problem.
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    I follow the Attorney's Famous Answer on this one: It Depends.

    I have used Gmail since it became available, and none of my clients appear to be bothered by it. And actually sent testy emails to support when I tested changing from the account, Gmail, they had been used to.

    They know if it's a "service" or "thingy" problem, they can use the support feature provided when they joined my list.

    My suggestion is to test everything, including asking your list what they prefer before you accept anyone's advice about making changes in your business.

    "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating" ~ Oscar Wilde

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