What is the best way to send bulk emails directly to inbox?

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I have a list of emails and I started sending some offers (more than 100k email) but it only goes to spam, how can I reach the inbox of my subscribers
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    This is the million dollar question....

    Some things you would like to check are the following:

    *Blacklisting of IPs
    *Sender Score
    *IP Reputation
    *Domain Reputation
    *Spam Words In your email copy
    *Spammy links to your landing pages
    *Hard Bounce %
    *Complaint Ratio's

    There is no magic formula to inboxing email, but there are many things you can do in order to increase your changes of hitting the inbox. Check some of the things I posted above, they should be a good starting point for you to find out where your missing the mark.
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      Originally Posted by ProducerK View Post

      This is the million dollar question....
      Mainly reputation & behavior/sending practice.

      Google: How to build a good sending reputation
      Google: Email Marketing Best Practice.
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    You have to check these under below:-

    1. Check your content
    2. Don't use spamming contents
    3. Add user beneficial offers
    4. Perfect landing page
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    You should check your IPs whether it is blacklisting or not and check out sender score. Your domain reputation can also be checked. Avoid spam links to your lists.
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    If you have good list, clean your data and follow the rules you can still use bulk emailing as an effective tool.

    We deliver 10 million emails a day for our clients, here is what I can tell you

    1. Dont use garbage data. Always clean your list before importing it into any email software otherwise you will not get results and worst you will cause IPs to blacklist

    2. Data must be targeted. Dont buy data blindly, you have to make sure people you are contacting are interested in what you have to offer

    3. Follow good email practices. Dont use deceptive subject lines, or deceptive email body. Always focus on quality of your email content.

    4. Honor unsubscribe requests and remove them permanently from your lists

    5. Always use warmed up IP addresses. If your IPs are not warmed up then take few days to warmup IPs.
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    I send fresh / vertical targeted data using ESPs with shared IPs. That way I can piggy back off the IP reputation built up by the other users.

    Data that is lower quality / low responsiveness that is not possible to be sent using ESPs, I use a self hosted mailer and my own servers / IPs. I target the domains that are likely to get the best deliverability based on the IPs I'm using.

    If you are having deliverability problems and hitting the spam folder, you need to test and isolate what the problem is and fix it. The key areas are...

    1) Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    2) IP / domain reputation: any IP/ domain associated with the mailing
    3) Content: anything in the message body / subject line and even the template
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    Also try to warm up the IPs before you start the full volume of your email campaign!
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    How did you get the list is the first question?

    If you bought them - don't bother signing up for MailChimp, Aweber or GetResponse.

    They won't take you - so it would be a waste of time.
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    Most important factor is where you got the list from. I actually wrote an email scraper for people to use for free but in my video for it I clearly explain that spamming scraped emails isn't a long term sustainable business model but you can scrape then load into advertising platforms that allow you to target by email
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