I have a 750,000 person list, unsure how to leverage

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Hey everyone, new to posting here, but have been lurking in the background for quite some time.

I have a list of 750k-1M e-mails that are targeted for my niche and I am not sure how to activate them or use them properly.

Our business is in the social space. We've recently pivoted from an iOS app portfolio model into a web-platform model.

Our iOS apps were successful for cash-flow but we could not scale them, hence the pivot.

Because of our iOS apps success and that users are required to OAuth when logging in, we have 750k - 1M targeted e-mails in our database.

Our web platform is under a completely new brand.

We have never done any e-mail marketing to this list of e-mails in our database and it goes back about 1-2 years. I know the people on the list will be interested in our web platform based on their prior use of our apps.

So my question is:
  • if you were in my shoes, how would you think about using these e-mails?
  • how would you approach this situation?
  • is it possible to "re-activate" and convert them into our new product"?
  • what do I need to be aware of when trying to do so?
  • any watch outs?

Just looking for general advice here.
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    Firstly I think that you need to connect with your list as soon as possible.

    Your emails need to be both informative and entertaining. We all get a lot of emails each day and as such your emails need to get above the email "white noise". I would recommend that some element of a story is contained in each email that highlights how your products and services can cure a pain that your subscribers have. Something that is in the news is a great starting point. Above all I would not recommend that you send naked buy, buy, buy emails.

    You also need to have a very eye catching headline that peaks the subscribers curiosity. If they they don't open the email you are beaten before you start.

    Wishing you every success
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    Did you build this list by opt-in forms? If not then it is totally useless. If you built it, then you can give them great quality information on stuff in your niche. You may even sell solo ads to your list. Building a relationship and giving them quality should be your first goal if you built the list...
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    Consult with a company that specializes in email marketing as they will know the laws and know what you can do with them.
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    Start by promoting your new web platform. Have them sign up there through new optin forms and start sending regular emails (a Newsletter and a weekly offer) to those who will sign up again to your email list. This way you will turn a big percentage of your inactive subscribers to active.

    Do not sell solo ads, do not start spamming them. A million is a huge number and there is no way to fail, unless you don't do anything.
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    first, just because people use their email to login to your site does not mean you have permission to send them marketing emails.

    During the signup process did you give them the opportunity to opt-in to your marketing list. Usually it is just a simple sentence that says something like "I would like to receive emails and offers from you" with a checkbox. If you never asked then sending emails would be spamming.

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I agree with Mark McKeown, you need to start building a relationship with those individuals. Provide value my giving them great information they can use immediately.

    Finally, ask them what they are struggling with. What challenges they are facing in 2017 or what goals they are hoping to achieve, then help them get that. Key is to build and focus on the relationship!
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    I would run that list through a 3rd party verification platform. 1-2 years is fairly old and there’s a large chance your list will have invalid or bad email addresses in it.

    Removing any of those email addresses is the first step to a successful email campaign (check out BriteVerify or FreshAddress).

    Next, you’ll want a reputable email sending platform. Some ESPs may consider your list cold because you’ve never sent to them previously – so before settling for an ESP (such as MailChimp or Constant Contact) I’d confirm they allow sending to cold lists.
    Good luck!
    B2B lead generation solutions for accelerated sales or marketing growth.
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    There are many tools for using emails like sumome and mailchimp
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    With an older list like this it's possible to activate them for sure but due to the high stale ratio and the fact that they have probably never been validated it's going to look very bad to Google to have you all of a sudden blast out a million emails.

    You can't do 0 to 1M overnight especially with the high bounce rates and things like that you will see. You'll have to come up with a system where you test smaller subsets of the list and move people who open the emails to an active list. Active subscribers can receive frequent updates but you shouldn't be mass blasting the inactive list very often. Consider a 3rd party tool (so your domain reputation doesn't take the hit) or email verification to see which of those emails have gone invalid.
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    I have personal inside knowledge of a big UK B2B Company who used to buy 'targetted' lists of 2,000,000 emails about once every 8 weeks. A boffin who knew how to get the emails sent ok, used to email to these lists.

    The open rate was around .002% and they would acquire 1 new customer per mailing. Because of their market they got a suitable ROI at those numbers.

    If you can get a return on those figures then good luck.

    Frankly your list is of no real use.

    It reminds me of the joke about the Irishman who was stranded on a desert island. A boat got washed onto the beach so he smashed it up to make a raft.

    Just build something of value and I'm pretty sure you'll see a better result.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Congratulations that you want to prepare yourself before you crash it with "rapid actions" on that asset you have.

    I. Lets start from little investigation on it before we go any further.

    1, Answer yourself a question: My clients register to my app because they want to get fresh and hot deal or they receive some value but more like fresh news, funny videos rather than exact solution which they need to pay for it.
    - When you know their motivation then you are sure how to approach them, what they are looking for.

    2. No matter what was their motivation - answer another question did they receive it well?
    - If no, you can start with honesty that you want to give them a compensation with a offer (give them something first to show good will)
    - If yes then you established well trustworthy and they trust app they use/used. Then you can use that trust to move them further. "Once you trust us then we have something more you may like - check it out."

    In that matter I propose to start with fixed deal with prepared approach.
    in example:
    You are buying one lollipop in that small store here, but we can show you bigger "CandyWorld" where you have hundreds of lollipops there to taste - just give it a try.
    (But keep it simple that's for sure.)

    I will not follow advice like: "ask them how they feel", etc. Come on, do you have resources to talk with almost 1kk potential customers ? You don't have to do it when you already know that they are converter. Use that priceless knowledge to simply move their attention to some better opportunity.

    You have old and rusty list. Remember, before you send be sure that your list is clean - I recommend Correct.email

    You legally obtained that asset and do not be stupid to sell it to third party, do not make that mistake.

    This is the place where you can find right support with that matter.

    Take Care Warrior and fight for your success!
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    Originally Posted by bbrowngrin View Post

    So my question is:
    • if you were in my shoes, how would you think about using these e-mails?
    • how would you approach this situation?
    • is it possible to "re-activate" and convert them into our new product"?
    • what do I need to be aware of when trying to do so?
    • any watch outs?
    1. I see money. what you planning to mail them. a related product of yours? or affiliate products.

    2. 750k is large volume. you need to follow a funnel to approach them without getting your autoresponder account banned or your IPs burned.

    3. Yes, it is possible to re-activate them. Using re-engagement campaigns or something better Permission Pass. Keep in mind. on avg list lose 25% of subscriber each year. simply because people change interest or die lol. so list if its not growing. its getting smaller.

    4. If done right. nothing to be worried about.
    5. watch out for spam traps, complaints.

    First. you must validate those subscribers. run the list through an email hygiene software to remove invalid users, and spamtraps. after that use a built-in email marketing solution import those leads in small batches. send them re-engagement campaigns. see how it goes from there.

    I would love to help you achieve you goal, hit me here if you looking for more clarification.

    Happy sending.
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