I Need Feedback On My Landing Page: Hit Or Miss?

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Hy all,

I would love your thoughts on my landing page: would you give up your email address on this page?

Awesome Wordpress Readers

Your awesome suggestions would be highly appreciated
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  • Profile picture of the author bxdred
    I don't like it. Things to ask yourself

    Where is the sales pitch?
    Why would anyone give you an email?
  • Profile picture of the author markhimeb
    Hi, Emmanuel,
    I saw both your landing page and your blog. In your landing page I see the following fixes you should do:
    1. decrease the size of the ebook. This way the visitor will not have to scroll down to enter his email.
    2. I would change the format of the title. I would keep white the "How to Design" and make blue the following.
    3. You certainly need more text. People are not subscribing just for an ebook nowadays. I would suggest you add some more text, showing them how your ebook could help them improve or create their first website.

    You need to adjust the colors of your website. You can take some ideas on color combinations at: https://coolors.co/
    Also, you can create a much more professional logo at: www.canva.com

    To be honest, I don't like your theme, either. Check Twenty Seventeen. It's a great option offered from Wordpress and it loads really quickly --plus gives you the option to have a video background on your homepage.

    Check these resources and you'll be much better.
  • Profile picture of the author Shoaib Khokhar
    You need to:

    - Provide a bit of more information about ( what's in the package )
    - The line in the below check box is more of like ordering the visitor instead of letting decide
    - Subscribe to list: What list? Getting the guide or the emails only?

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