Here's one of my best solo-ad secrets... Have you got any?

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You can easily get burnt with solo-ads and as such you should be a cautious buyer.

Firstly you need to be very wary of testimonials from other solo-ad sellers. The internet is full of false testimonials from friends or people
that the vendor has paid to provide one.

The testimonials are unlikely to give a fair reflection of the results that an average internet marketer is going to get.

The testimonials will talk about a super responsive list and how many sign ups they got. This does not reflect the quality of the leads. It is quality rather than quantity that you are looking for.

Take any testimonial with a big pinch of salt.

The results that you will obtain will depend on the quality and appeal of the offer and how targeted it is to that particular list.

The type of subscriber on the list is important. A list that is full of freebie seekers may well result in lots of optins for your list. However, If they are free stuff only people, then they will not be of much value to you.

A quality list is an investment a poor one will be a waste of cash.

What secrets or tips to you have when it comes to using solo-ads?
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    I can see that solo-ad vendors can be tricky customers.
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    I buy clix from my clickbanking partners. I know who has good clix and who not
    HQ traffic for your MLM / affiliates offers
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    the biggest trick would be if they are out soliciting and selling their list, its probably little value. If you take time and find blogs or other sources that have good relevant lists and they aren't in the business of actively marketing might have gold. the easiest stuff like in convenience stores, costs more and is probably not as good for you

    I teamed up with other manufacturers and co-op marketed to our combined lists of customers to promote a warehouse sale. Synergy win win.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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    Advertising and therefore can easily get burnt with single- you need to be a careful customer.

    You should be somewhat cautious of recommendations from additional single-advertisement vendors. The web is filled with bogus testimonies from individuals or buddies

    The seller has compensated to supply one.

    An excellent receptive listing and just how many signups they got will be talked about by the recommendations. This doesn't represent the attribute of the prospects. It's quality instead of quantity that you will be trying to find.

    The recommendations are unlikely to provide a good expression of the effects that the average web marketer will get.

    Joyful functioning

    An expert real estate lawyer who can help you solve any legal issue.

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    Don't buy in bulk... Test the Solo with 50 or 100 clicks before you buy more.
    Need an Inboxing Solution? I will setup and you confirm before you pay. PM me ASAP
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    They also have solo ad testimonials as a Facebook group. There are some sellers on here as well. Traffic is my thing. I am unsure how they feel about putting up blog posts, but I did find a list of 10 trustworthy sellers. The blog was mine so I know the blog author got zilch for making the list LOL. There are good ones out there, you just have to be careful and I would stay away from buying traffic on fiverr or reseller sites. If they offer you thousands of views for a few dollars, it is likely bot traffic instead of real people.
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      Here's my biggest secret about buying solo ads, which I have been using for more than 20 years, and has never been revealed before by anyone in this thread until now:

      Buy solo ads from commercial ezines which already have reading audiences similar to your targeted demographics.
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    If you wish to buy so ads then udimi is the best and dont buy in bulk before testing
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    I approach the whole "solo ad drama" in two ways.

    1: I buy solo ads from udimi as I can see exactly how the solo ads by the given person performed previously. From all platforms out there I find that udimi let's you filter the sellers most effectively. Over the past weeks I have worked with multiple sellers that offered excellent Tier1 traffic at a price between 40-60 cents (buyers included).

    2: When I hear trusted marketers vouch for a specific company I take my time to gather as much information as possible on them. As you already mentioned: The reviews might be fake and useless. Once I am convinced I start with a very small order of about 100 clicks. If that works I very slowly scale the orders up while always keeping a very close eye on the stats. I'd reccommend to never jump from 100 to 1.000 clicks once your initial order was successful - for obvious reasons.
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    1. Test the traffic first.
    2. Haggle on price.
    3. Haggle on overdelivery.

    Basically, get as much bang for your buck as possible!
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