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I am compiling a list of all email providers in the market big or small I am looking forward to your contribution so far I have found the industry giants
1. Send Grid
2. Amazon SES
3. send in blue
4. Mail Jet
5. Mail gun

Are there any others.
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    Yes there are many others.

    Here's a list I've compiled over the years with some of my notes.

    List of Email Deliverability Services Like SendGrid and Amazon SES
    Very expensive. 10 x more than Amazon SES.

    Transactional Email from MailChimp - Mandrill
    The parent company is MailChimp. But this seems quite inexpensive. Possibly even cheaper than Amazon SES considering you can get a dedicated IP Address.

    First 12,000 emails per month are free.
    Quite expensive - $500 for 500k emails a month. Amazon SES would be $50 for that amount of emails. Or 10x more expensive.

    Marketing & Transactional Email Service | SendGrid
    Quite good but on the pricey side. Though they have a discounted plan for transactional emails. But far from ideal.

    $424.95 a month for 500K emails.
    $449 a month for 500K emails.

    6000 emails per month are included free. But seems pretty expensive overall.
    Can get much cheaper over time as you send more and your reputation stays good. Can even be lower than Amazon SES. Now cheaper than Mandrill.

    This may be another Amazon SES competitor in terms of price.
    However they are located in India and their English is certainly not perfect. A small time operation at the present with an Alexa Ranking of 3,646,024. Even the menu bar links on their website do not work properly. (Site seems to be down 6/27/15)

    Email Delivery | Transactional Email | Inbox Delivery | Dyn

    Transactional Email API Service for Developers by Rackspace - Mailgun
    A bit cheaper than Sendgrid. $145 for 300,000 emails per month instead of $199. However with dedicated IP it costs a bit more at $204 per month. $245 for 500,000 emails sent per month. Quite pricey but not the worst.

    First 10,000 emails per month are free.
    Nice looking colors at the header of the website. (Seems like it's only for transactional emails and is super expensive.)

    Homepage | EmailDeliveredEmailDelivered
    Plans starting at too high for my needs. Expensive.
    I don't know the pricing yet. I'd need to call them up.

    Turns out they focus on people with HUGE email lists. They can deliver over a million emails per hour with their enterprise level. And up to 100,000 emails per hour.

    If you had a huge list these guys would be quite inexpensive.

    This company uses the green arrow mta but does a hosted service.
    Pricing | Elite Email
    10 cents per thousand emails. 500K would be only $50 a month.
    500K = $310 a month plus your own IP.
    500K = $365 a month.


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    Amazon SES - 62,000 free emails per month if sent from Amazon EC2 server
    Mandrill - No free emails these days!
    SendGrid - 12,000 emails free per month
    Sparkpost - 100,000 emails free per month
    Leadersend - 10,000 emails free per month
    Dyn - No emails free per month
    Elasticemail - 150,000 emails free per month
    MailGun - 10,000 emails free per month
    SendinBlue - 9,000 emails free per month
    MailJet - 6,000 emails free per month
    TipiMail - 10000 emails free per month
    mailrelay - 75000 emails free per month
    PepiPost - 25,000
    PostMark - (just the first 25k, not monthly)
    easy-smtp - 10,000
    campayn - 20,000
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    I am creating an smtp site that offers similar website, could you list the free ones so that I get it boosted at the start.
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    or the websites that would enable me to sell their email to my clients
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    I can add (pardon me if these were mentioned before)
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    AmazonSES seems to be the father of all. Their service is very cheap and it connects seemlessly with alot of apps.
    Need an Inboxing Solution? I will setup and you confirm before you pay. PM me ASAP
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    Pricing and the ability to test the SMTP before making a purchases are 2 big factors we considered. Check out our service and send up to 10k free emails / month.
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      Trying your free plan right now - it's been three weeks or so that I am trying to set it so the test would score something at least not less that 2/10 in but no luck - it is always 0/10 and your support team responds only once a day (maybe that's the way you handle free-plan and Im okay with it).
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