New subscribers rejected by GetResponse due to GR's blacklist

by exige
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is anyone here facing a similar issue?

I'm a vendor for Personal Development products and I have a subscription box for my Buyers to opt-in to my list for product download and updates, etc.

But it seems like GetResponse has been rejecting my buyer's email addresses, and this is a concern! My buyers are writing to ask why they weren't receiving their download links and welcome message, etc.

And they were emailing me using their email addresses, which was blacklisted by GetResponse..??

I talked to a staff at GetResponse. She asked me to get my buyer to send an email to their compliance team to be removed from their blacklist.
Sure as hell i wouldn't want my buyers to go thru these trouble. Especially when I tested these "blacklisted" email addresses with AWeber and there's no problem.

Anyone here facing the same issue?

If so, how do you work around it?
(Besides switching provider)

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