Reached 1100 email subscribers - how many emails a day should I write to them???

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I am struggling to make money with email marketing.
I have an aweber list of over 1100 subscribers, it took me 1 year to get them

all I do is send them blogposts feeds every wee

plus there is an autoresponder of 7 emails promoting a weight loss product

but so far I got 0 (zero) sales using email marketing, this makes me think that I am going something wrong....

me questions are:
what should I do to get sales via email marketing?
how many email should I write them every day?
what should I write? should I write in html or plain text?

I am promoting 3 week diet plan.
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    Without knowing the details of what you're doing, I would suggest a few things to think about:

    1. Diet plans are a dime a dozen and the weight loss market is hugely competitive. So I would ask yourself: why should a prospect look into what I'm selling over all the other thousands of weight loss plans they see? What is special/interesting/different/better about my offer than anyone else's?

    2. Your question: "how many email should I write them every day?" suggests to me you're sending too many emails already. What are you offering in your every day emails that is of value to your subscribers? When you say: "all I do is send them blogposts. . ." and you ask: "what should I write?" I get the feeling that you're hammering your list needlessly with dribble. How are your posts nurturing your list subscribers and giving them value in the niche?

    3. " html or plain text?" The decision should be based on the types of information you send in your emails. If there is a reason for html (like you need to show graphics, or want to link to important information) then html is fine if done well. Many marketers choose plain text because it's so simple and they feel some subscribers aren't set up to receive html emails.

    You're asking very basic questions about email marketing. If you search this forum, one question at a time, you will have a lot of specific posts and responses at your fingertips.


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    I would not be emailing them multiple days per week.

    I would say you should email them once per week--more if you have something special that you are giving them, like a discount if they buy from your link.

    However, when you do email them, make sure it is something of value--not something that is nothing more than a sales pitch for the product you want to sell.
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    I Say as far as what you are doing i would say 2 to 3 times per week alternating one week value and the other week of selling, if you don't hardly email, your subscribers will forget about you since you can bet they are on other list as well, so you really have to be unique to get them to open your email.
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    I dont want to disapoint you but getting the email list its the first step .First you must send email with no promotion and show value to your audience to trust you then discret make some promotion
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    What have you done so far building up a relationship and trust with your subscribers?

    How are your autoresponder emails performing = open / click through rate?
    If you start pitching from day 1 your mails are very likely to go into spam folders and maybe people never even get to see them at all.
    I have seen that a hundred times

    Are people engaging with your content? Do they answer your emails? Do they send you questions? Do YOU answer back if they do? Do YOU engage with your subs?

    Do you know what the people on your list are looking for? What their pain-points are? What solution they want to pay for? Have you got offers in place that fill their needs exactly?
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    If you haven't been emailing them
    then that list is more than likely dead.

    You need to "Burn" the list i.e. get
    as many people to unsubscribe as
    you can. This way you can see he
    is still interested vs. people who don't
    won't to hear from you anymore.

    I would also suggest creating a cheap
    trip wire product, so that you can get
    the buyers off of the list. To sell this
    you should mail them at least 5 times
    a week.
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    Try sending your subs a survey or poll to gauge what they are interested in....

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    Its obvious none of the above posters know who Ben Settle is...


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    I suggest emailing at least once a day.... think about it.. if they are on your list they are on other people list. If you think your list is the only list they are on then you are mistaken. If you are not in their inbox and in front of them on a daily basis then someone else is. also if you do not email often then your list will forget you... 2 or 3 times a week sorry is not enough. do not be afraid of unsubscribes. You want the ones off your list who do not want to be there.

    Next you have to keep building your list and do not really expect much until you can at least get about 100 clicks on an email send. That does not mean you will not get sales or action on smaller click sends but you need to keep building.

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    You can email 3 times a day as long as you write in a entertaining way and not acting too pitchy

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