Why email unsubscribers are good for you.

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I just came across:


Some good wisdom there.

I always view being on an email list as a 2 way street...

I (the list owner) am blessed to have my subscribers....

... and my subscribers are blessed to be on my list!

So if they don't appreciate what I have to offer....

It's always good to part ways so the list owner doesn't have to pay for folks who will never click on their links.

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    Indeed! I unsubscribe people who don't open my emails.
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    Another reason email un-subscription is a good practice because it reduce the chances of spam reports therefore it is a excellent practice to place an un-subscribe link at the end f an #email ##campaign....

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    I wish people would respect unsubscribes, and also remove me from their lists when I never open their emails! I really suspect that the spammers who have my email are members of this forum... it's always the same lousy emails written in a narrow column making offers that I see right through and would NEVER interact with. I've tried clicking unsubscribe, but all that does is verify to them that my email address is valid.
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    I absolutely depend on unsubscribes in my lists. They help me weed out the people who inadvertently landed on my list or were only interested in a specific thing that the list was not intended for.

    I work on getting people OFF of my lists as much as indoctrinated them.
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      It's pretty much standard practice for me to cull my lists every 2-3 months of all the accumulated dead weight.
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    I totally agree! Basically, we pay for every subscriber we have on our list. So why waste money on those that don't appreciate what we've got to offer? Keeps the list targeted and hot.
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    Also I appreciate the ones who give you a reason why they unsubscribed; good feedback is always awesome
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    every so often I put a message at the top of my emails...."you signed up for this list at such and such...if you no longer want to receive this please click here"

    If they don't want to be there...it is better for you and them that they move on....

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    Great points Barb. Every now and then I tell people on my list that if they are not interested in being on my list and not willing to ever buy something, they are free to unsubscribe. No use to have tire kickers on my list.

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    Great Tips for share

    I like this....

    --- 20% of people that unsubscribe from emails are doing it because the content isnt relevant to them ---

    Why people give name and email for subscribe???
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    Good to know! I'm new to email marketing, so it hadn't occurred to me to unsubscribe people myself.
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    Good read! Indeed, unsubscribers could be "blessings in disguise". Thanks for the share.
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    It is always good to have unsubscribers, as it will save you time & money. After unsubscribe you will have the great number of people who are interested in your product or service. So this will increases your open rate as well as conversion rate.

    But, the only concern is what if you have high rate of Un-subscribe. It means it is time to change the strategy. It also means that your product or offering is not relevant to them. So try to make a list of people who are interested in what you offer. Segment them to understand better.
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    Indeed, some good wisdom in this post.
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