0.20-0.25c per subscriber - Little case study I did :)

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Just following up from my original post: My first emailing marketing experience (Made first affiliate sale) . I wanted to be transparent with my experience and share some more information with what I did in my first online campaign gaining 0.20-0.25c subscribers. If you haven't read the first part go read it now.

In the original post I was hesitant to give away my traffic source, but I don't mind telling you guys now (Although I can't give away the source I'm working with).

First of all I want people to know that this was my first experience and no where within the post or title did I say I broke even or made a profit. I had made my first affiliate sale! that's my main focus I wanted to get out there, also I built my list for dirt cheap.

okay here we go....

The type of traffic that I had used to get my dirt cheap subscribers and make sales (which i haven't heard any buzz about) was through Coreg.

" A process of collecting subscribers by co-advertising along with another person or company collecting opt-in subscribers. When the subscriber opts-in to receive their information they are given the choice to subscribe to your information as well".

So the way it works simply is defined above. When people signed up to a newsletter through a company they were given the option to sign up to my newsletter also, that's it!.

What I did is set up my ad and when a person was interested in what I had to offer they signed up to my subscribers list and I sent them my emails, was as simple as that. The way the company worked is that i would pay them a set amount (around $100-$250) for a set amount of subscribers.

Some companies set up their coreg where people are automatically signed up to other newsletters when they signed up to another ( This is where things can go wrong). The company I worked with gave people the option on whether or not they wanted to coreg with my newsletter. This is good so it lets you know that people want to actually see your emails.

On my first email I sent them straight to the product, this is mainly where I made my sales. If I could go back I would test a different product as my main offer and try setup a different ad for that product also. In the back end I would also try be more direct with selling products, I feel like they wanted to be sold too than give them free information.

If you have any questions feel free to post below
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