If you were running Warrior Forum, what emails would you send?

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I think we could be doing more to engage everyone through emails. Rather than just trying things randomly, I thought I might as well ask everyone

So what sort of emails would you send/like to see?
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    Maybe a "suggested threads for you" type email, with a listing of perhaps 6 thread titles (with links) based on topics we've previously posted on/threads we're currently subscribed to.

    Basically, the Warrior Forum equivalent of a Quora Digest - ?
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    The thing that I think is hard to copy about Quora digests is that they are always questions, with the answers requiring a click. I'm not so sure that just putting in the thread titles would work quite as well, as the threads aren't necessarily in that format. That said, a thread that gets a lot of views/comments on the forum, should also get clicks from email.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    It would be cool if it was tailored to similar recent threads users have visited and posted on. For example, if I post a lot on threads tagged with #seo, my email would show me other (either recent or popular) threads that I might like, related to SEO. I'm not sure how technically possible this is, so I hope you don't mind and take my input as a pinch of salt.
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    I would send an initial email that is a 'cliffnotes' version of the rules (the most basic ones).

    I would send a second email that is helpful info on how to search and navigate the forum, explain forum etiquette a bit and advise against bumping old threads.

    Both of those would be quick/short/specific so they are readable by anyone joining the forum.

    After that perhaps a monthly or bi-weekly email with highlights of most popular threads, etc - sent only to those who opt in to receive it. That might turn new members into regular forum visitors - as long as the emails are not simply "buy this and buy that".
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    I don't need an email, I'm already here.

    That's a hint... base email frequency on last login date. If I'm here anytime this week, no email this week.
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    The last thing I need is another email. Maybe track people that are away for a few days and hit them upside the head, but sending emails to people that visit daily will go over like a lead balloon.

    Don't do this. lol

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