What email marketing guide do you recommend?

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I want to start learning about email marketing. D you know ebook or website to learn about email marketing from the beginning?
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    The war room here at warrior forum has a lot of useful threads that can help you start with that.

    I've got Aweber and I've found they provide a lot of useful information too. You don't have to be a customer of theirs to access a lot of it (they use that info to attract interest in getting them to be your autoresponder). I'm happy with Aweber.

    As you get that going, you'll need help with copywriting -- I'm finding that the threads in that section here at the Warrior Forum are helping me right now.

    By the way, if you're struggling with your online business and you just need a pick me up click here: http://www.persistentgrowth.com/wf

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    Wow, I guess we have to be very careful
    not to self promote here ;-)

    However, since I've been in "go-giver" mode,
    I'll give you some names to start your
    email marketing journey.

    But, before the BIG REVEAL, I'd like to mention
    that if you focus 80% of your time
    learning how to build your email list,
    you will be building your financial future
    on solid rock, my friend!

    Ok, here are some great leaders to
    start researching on YouTube University:

    - Anik Singal
    - Russell Brunson
    - Matt Lloyd

    All of them have their own systems (of course)
    but you can pick and choose which ever
    compliments your personal strengths.

    They offer a generous amount of FREE material,
    which is how I got started.

    I am 100% comfortable with providing this info,
    because 80% of your success will depend on
    your EXECUTION.

    You can read all you want, and watch all the videos,
    but if you don't take ACTION, it means nothing.

    Let me know how I can help!

    I wish you great prosperity and success!
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