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Hello All

I often see the question. "Is email marketing dead, effective, worth it, etc.?" This question is asked at least once a week here at the forum. Well I was just reading an article on content marketing. you can see the article here

Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

But I would like to bring your attention to just a part of the article

Trend 4: Email renaissance

According to Campaign Monitor, social media darling BuzzFeed added over 1 million email subscribers in the past 12 months. How? The answer can be found in trend No. 3. With social media channels moving toward revenue growth, brands have almost no control over communicating with fans and followers. Of all the ways to grow an audience, email has emerged as THE most critical.

Other media brands are following suit. For example, The Washington Post now has over 75 e-newsletters, while The New York Times has 12 people dedicated to newsletters. While some believe email is dead, the media is telling us that email is a growth area. And last but not least, our CMI/MarketingProfs B2B study found that email was rated as the No. 1 success metric for measuring content marketing.
I guess we should not be too quick to count something out.

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    Thanks for sharing ... my guess, those who say email marketing is dead simply didn't get it right
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    Thank for sharing. Anyway, email marketing is not dead and those article/post that claims that it is dead simply do not understand the whole scope and process of email marketing and how this one helps so many businesses today.
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    Email marketing is an ever green field and it will remain the number 1 source to get more leads and more sales for internet marketers around the world... there is obviously no doubt about it.... As there are plenty of countries where eCommerce is still under development... and email marketing is kind of new thing for residents of these long as us is concerned there are more than 100 million business online where people need to interact with their customers on day to day basis online.... so there is no doubt about the decrements in the scope of email marketing.....

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    Email marketing is ALIVE AND WELL!

    As rritz said, the people saying otherwise must have no clue what they are doing.

    Come check out my podcast! The Podcast 4 Marketers
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    Email marketing is not dead and never going to die ever. It is one of the best performing marketing channel and delivers the best ROI.

    Those who are saying or complaining that email marketing is not working that they should look to their INBOX. You will get the Answer.

    Email is the best option to communicate with your customers and even you could offer more value to your customer via email.
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    well,email marketing is not dead but yes it has lost its worth as it was before.This is because most of the internet users like to access social media.Facebook,Instagram,twitter are inn these days but email marketing is not totally outdated.Its probably because the famous business personnel's still consider emails the best source of information and most of the clients are well aware about email maketing so they prefer using it.
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    Thank you for sharing. Email marketing is very much alive if you got the skills to do it properly. For instance, it is important to entertain your subscribers when writing to them.

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  • Profile picture of the author Alpha Emails
    Email Marketing can die if somehow businesses can be run without feedback, contact building, relationship, and empathy.

    As it turns out, that's impossible to happen.

    So email is here to stay.

    Who can ever complain to have a direct hotline to your best prospects? 24/7, 365 ...

    No one
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    Whether you head growth for your organization or you're looking to build out a growth organization, this is THE can't miss guide.

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    Great post! That is true; email marketing isn't dead. It's alive, growing and kicking! Other businesses just don't do it right, that's why email marketing never gives them good results.
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    Depends of course what you mean by email marketing; either finding prospects or keeping your clients informed and interested. We can try making emails looking like pretty websites with lots of big pictures and then end up in the spam box, we can write something amazing but it can look boring and not be read...people are busy, they have to be grabbed right there and then. Same old, same old.


    You have to be in it to win it
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  • Profile picture of the author bobby_shahzad
    Email marketing is changing but not dead

    Gone are days when you could send a big blast and achieve instant sales. Now, email marketing is all about automation

    You have to know your list, segment them based on their interest and trigger highly targeted campaigns to only interested group of people

    List segmentation and email automation is way to go. Blind email blasts are not as effective as they used to be once...
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    Email marketing is alive till now,It is not dead
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    with me email marketing always effective , they think it's dead is because they have not got a good email marketing plans and not get results quickly.
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    Email marketing is alive and growing. Those who state otherwise maybe it doesn't work well with them.

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    People check their inbox at least once a day.

    Business people at least once per hour.

    So, it's alive and growing (think of third world countries which are rapidly turned in new customers, and they all use mail)
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    We use email marketing very much actively. We have got many clients from that. It is true that simply getting some database from anywhere and sending emails does not work. You have to invest time (or money) to build up the database (which fits for your industry). And in my opinions shorter mails work rather than longer ones.
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    Email was listed as number 1 here

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    I guest Email marketing would be dead to those that been going at it wrong.
    If is done right it would able you to quit that day job.
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    Thanks for sharing - interesting stuff

    I personally receive so much email marketing material that I switch off. But ocassionally I get something that is tailored to my needs. I'm exploring how to adopt such an effective strategy
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    Yeah there's definitely a tragedy of the commons situation for the modern inbox. That's why personalisation is so important.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    Yes its alive and kicking well. Its totally depends how better you use this medium of promotion.
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    Thanks for taking this issue up. ..and for sharing. In my world email marketing is very mush alive. No signs of the opposite.
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