Has anyone tried http://soloadcampaign.com/

by demhatek 5 replies
I came across this and couldn't find any information regarding this company. Has any one ever heard of them? There prices seem nice but too good to be true.
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    I have been using them for years. I do very well

    John Pinder
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    No not yet i will give it a shot for sure.... I have joined plenty of groups and pages using my facebook ID on facebook where a lot of solo ad promoters sell their services.........
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    I have never used them, but I don't really think solo ads are a good way to generate revenue.
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    Do not use them. I suspect it is largely bot traffic. I bought a traffic package for $79 and didn't get a single optin. I tested the optin form both before and after the campaign and it worked fine.

    I currently use the exact same landing page for both Bing and Facebook ads and get optins every day.

    Bottom line... learn from my $79 mistake and spend your money on a reliable traffic source.
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    It's the same f&^%&^% pattern than organicprospects and alike arghhhh.
    Now i'm fighting with them right now.

    I saw ZERO hits and they say they sent me a few hundreds so far.
    I told them that i was using a tracking system and guess WHAT!

    I believe the problem is the redirect. We have a tracking redirect to track ip addresses which may be causing the issue . Can you remove the redirect.

    Same bull i got from organicprospects crap back then. Now i ain't saying it's the same guys but....
    By the way they are using the same technique in the Warrior forum then organicprospects. Which is accounts with a couple of posts and say it's a GOOD and that they are satisfied.
    The same crap all over again!

    For instance mikepinder (one post) EmailKing (38 posts) no avatar etc....
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