"We Analyzed 3.6 Million Emails From Viral Campaigns"

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Bit of background: for those who haven't heard of MaitreApp, they're the viral waiting list tool that was gamified based on social sharing / virality. We also did a WSO Of The Day with these guys too.

Anyways, I found some pretty interesting points through here as well about how they grew, how the managed to analyse 3.6 million emails, and so forth. Here's some data that I found that really stood out:

- The average time it takes to verify an email is 1 hr and 21 minutes
- The top 10% of a virality list can be reached if they invite 1 person to the campaign
- If you refer 2 people, you're in the top 5%
- 49.1% average open email rate (that's ~17640000 opens.. mental)


This chart shows the impact of each social channel by traffic generated. Personally I'm a bit surprised that email is only 18% in comparison to Facebook.

I think for me the most surprising part was the average time it took to verify. On average, 50% verify within the first two minutes but still... 81 minutes as an average open rate for verification is pretty high. You'd think people would be more responsive.

For those interested, you can check out the full article here

If anyone is keen, I'm happy to have a chat with them to open up a WAMA session.
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    Thanks for sharing, there's some good information in there.
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