Best method to utilize a huge legit active email list?

by bloodxus 7 replies
Hello everyone. Let's say I fell into a very large legit(not a purchased list)email list of people that purchase online. What would be the best method for starting a marketing campaign? I'd think one would maybe try and find out more about the individual people using maybe a survey or poll? Thanks in advance.
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    At first build relation ship with them through newsletters and then after a while later start promoting affiliate products in your niche through those email newsletters.
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    A survey or a poll may work but won't pique the interests of a large portion of your receivers. Surveys and polls only get answered if people have an answer to the "what's in it for me?" question.

    You can go for that approach but make sure that your initial email is eye-catching, personalized, clean, and has call-to-action.

    Entice your email list to participate and continue a relationship even if it's just the initial marketing phase.
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    What is the list primary niche interest? Or is it simply e-commerce users?

    If you know the niche, you can find a narrow angle with affiliate product pitches etc. or first send some free and useful content...

    If it's general e-commerce, then I guess find lots of hot products, make a directory of sorts (e-commerce website), and write an email where you say something like: "we just compiled a list of the hottest products on the net, come check it out... RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES"

    A drop shipping website, some coupon codes and exit pop-ups and it can go well.
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      Women 18 - 65+ who purchase Fashion accessories via retail brick and mortar and online.

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    Falling into a list as you put it, depending on the situation. It's all about permission.

    I purchase 3rd party data, which is data that the users have provided permission to receive messages from third parties. So it is 100% can spam compliant. So no negative exist due to it being purchased.

    What does falling into a list mean?

    What specifically is the data?
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      From a friend that does have permission based "data". It isn't one of those spam list you purchase for $350 for 50K emails.

      James Morrison Jr.

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    Use Facebook to create a Lookalike Audience!

    Create a custom audience and upload the entire email list.

    Then with Audience Insights,
    analyze all the demographic and interest behaviors.

    You'll then have a better idea how to market to the list.

    lol, sorry, I got excited there for a second.

    Hope that helps stir up some ideas.

    Great luck to you!
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