The Biggest Myth About List Building

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Most training guides that tell you about how to start a profitable business online will emphasise the importance of list building, and how you absolutely must build a list of targeted subscribers, and it's true, but they're also leaving out one massive detail.

This is something that really holds the key to being profitable with list building, and it's also one of the biggest myths about list building as well.

You see, being successful and profitable with list building isn't just about becoming an authority figure, a leader or a recognized source of quality information and content. If you've been told that the secret is to become the "go to" person in a niche market, well, you've been deceived. While becoming an authority can easily maximize your income, it's not the most important aspect to building a successful email marketing system.

And while quality content and providing value to your subscribers does matter when it comes to building successful email lists, it isn't going to matter if no one responds to your offers, right? Moreover, targeted offers won't mean anything if your subscriber base is so low that you're unable to generate enough interest or exposure from your ads.

Perhaps it's in the incentive offer. Many marketers in the email-marketing arena tout the incentive as being the most important piece of the puzzle. The problem is that even if your incentive drives in traffic and opt-in rates go through the roof you are still relying on a single source of income.

And that in itself is the greatest lie ever told in email marketing. That your focus, your objective, your efforts - should all be placed around a single incentive offer, an individual squeeze page and one list building campaign.

Because that great lie - the myth - the outright saboteur has held back countless email marketers, leading them down a path of no return.

The greatest lie forces you to eliminate all other potential income sources because you're told instead, that in order to become successful you need to focus all efforts on boosting conversion rates on a single campaign before expanding your outreach.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

If you pay close attention to what successful email marketers are REALLY doing, you'll see that they all follow the same format - and this strategy has been responsible for generating millions of dollars in email marketing revenue, year after year.

So, what is the big secret that will keep the money flowing in while giving you the financial security you need?

You need to build multiple email lists in multiple niche markets!

Savvy email marketers never run just a single list - that's too risky! Instead, they have dozens of email lists in various markets so that they are not only able to test out different niches but they are able to create multiple income streams in the event that one fails!

This is what you need to do if you are serious about making money online.

Design your customized email marketing system that is based around a wide market - with multiple lists and squeeze pages set up under one rock solid system.

How do you begin?

Start off by choosing one main market or arena. For example, if you were interested in the weight loss market as well as healthy eating, living and anti-aging then "Self Improvement" would be your main umbrella, or theme.

Then, create individual lists that cater to each segment of your market. Create one for weight loss, one for healthy eating and one for anti-aging.

Repeat the same process with your squeeze pages, creating one for every list. The idea is to follow a specific theme but create independent lists and squeeze page funnels for every part of your market. This way you can test different styles, maximize conversion rates, and really tailor your email content and promotions to what each audience is truly interested in.

Plus, you'll set yourself up for long-term success by expanding your outreach so that you're able to make money in dozens of markets and niches, all contained under one main system!

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