What kind of offers for should I find for a website in the psychology niche

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I'm trying to promote through CPA. I'm wondering if I'm in the right niche, Psychology. If I was to promote any offer through email marketing, what sort of a offer should it be for people interested in psychology.
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    Originally Posted by tayyab123 View Post

    for people interested in psychology.
    Try some research in places people in that group spend time. For example, there's a print magazine called Psychology Today. Check out their website and follow through to places it points people to through links, mentions or ads. People interested in psychology are also interested in personal growth. You could explore websites in that area to learn what people may respond to.

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    Psychology is a great niche to be in.

    People are always trying to "demystify" their thoughts,
    behaviors, and motivations.

    If I were to begin building an email list
    of people interested in Psychology programs/info,
    I would research Psychology newsletters and eZines
    to see what free offers they are using in their publications.

    That way, you can model your "lead magnet"
    with other proven lead magnets that are most likely
    bringing in a ton of money per month.

    Hope that helps stir up some positive thoughts for you.

    Great luck to you!
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    Another great place to look is in the Herbal Supplement niche. People will always want an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Good Luck.
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