Where to get case studies for proof?

by Justin Lackey 9 replies
Hi all. I feel like I keep having to say this but: Please forgive my noob ignorance. I hope this question doesn't have a big obvious answer.

But since I'm just starting out, I wanted to include some case studies in my email campaign. I wanted to have my short sweet email pitch, and below that they would see:

"And here's proof:"

And the case studies would go right here, below. But where do I find case studies showing how well digital marketing works, for my particular industry? I am interested in acquiring case studies for digital marketing for Roofing businesses, as well as used car dealerships. Is there somewhere you guys would recommend that I could find some good material to use as proof in my emails?

Once I've got a few customers under my belt, of course I won't need these case studies anymore. I'll use the referrals and recommendations given to me by my customers. I'm going to ask them to type me up a letter of recommendation, recommending my services to my future customers. And I'll put that at the bottom of the email, instead. But right now, I have not gotten my first customer yet. So I could really use some case studies to help me out with proving my case. Which is of course, that they can trust me and buy my services. Any ideas?
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    I'm new here as well, but I think you should offer your service/product for a free trial (or discounted) in order to get your first reviews and recommendations.
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    It's hard to obtain case studies without previous experience of selling your products. For this reason, companies use such techincs:
    - provide free trial or full version of a product and ask for feedback that will be used as case studies.
    - ask friends for leaving a review
    - paid for review - you can buy even video review for your products (fiverr and Google search helps)
    - "fake reviews" - many site owners create these reviews because that don't want to create a real ones.
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    Hmm... how about looking to other people who are doing the exact same things that I am? Perhaps I could use their reviews, and case studies? Now the obvious question is, why wouldn't they just go with them instead of me? Perhaps my service is half the price since I'm just getting started. Or maybe I don't really mention the name of the company that actually completed the successful digital marketing campaign.

    That wouldn't be a lie, or even a deception. Because I could use their material that they have on their site, but never say that it was me who did this. I could say that digital marketing worked so well for "Steve", that you can read his testimonial here. I never said that it was a testimonial for work that I did, but that its simply a testimonial. We can all go read all manner of testimonials right now. Doesn't mean the one who put that up there, is specifically who its talking about. The definition of "case study" as per google:

    1. a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.

    2. a particular instance of something used or analyzed in order to illustrate a thesis or principle.

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    Hey Justin! I read your subject line
    and was about to pass it up, but decided to take a peek, hehe.

    I was about to click away, until I saw "Roofing business".

    I just so happen to own a lead generation roofing and siding website!
    So I understand the hustle of trying to find roofing businesses
    that would want your digital marketing services.

    Since you don't have any proof yet,
    you might have to consider doing some "charity work"
    where you will get someone's phone to ring for a month,
    then ask them for a flat fee.

    Tell them you are looking for someone reputable to provide these leads,
    which puts you in the driver's seat.

    Make the message clear that if they don't want these leads
    at a flat fee per month, that you'll have to find one of their
    competitors that will want them, lol.

    Easy pitch. Don't try to "sell" them. They are also "sales guys".

    Ask them:

    "Hey, are you looking for more business?
    Ok, good. Since you don't know me, I don't expect
    you to agree to a flat fee. But if I can get your phone to ring
    more than it does now, would you consider it? If not,
    I'll have to look for someone else who services this area
    to give them the leads, so it's a win-win."

    Hope that gets some mental juices flowing.

    Great luck to you!
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      Originally Posted by Rod Delapaz View Post

      "Hey, are you looking for more business?
      Ok, good. Since you don't know me, I don't expect
      you to agree to a flat fee. But if I can get your phone to ring
      more than it does now, would you consider it? If not,
      I'll have to look for someone else who services this area
      to give them the leads, so it's a win-win."
      Thanks a lot for the reply Rod! As you can see I shortened it to address the parts I don't quite understand.

      Would you recommend putting something like that in an email, as the main "sales pitch" of an email campaign? Along with some testimonials and a couple of other items, but have that be the main message. Or are you saying that its what you would say, once you got them on the phone. I just wanted to be clear on that, because I'm looking to launch my email campaign soon.
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    you create your own case studies. You should never post someone else s case studies as you can not verify they are actually true. If you are new and do not have any proof that something works then do it yourself and post your results, that is your case study. And if some strategy you try does not work it can be just as valuable to your visitors as a strategy that does work


    Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. ~Andy Warhol~

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