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Has anyone tried this service out by Prashant Sharma of Solo Ads X? http://www.optinz.com/

He is a very well-known solo ads vendor however offering a guaranteed 1,000+ email leads and sales is a whole different ball game.

Has anyone had success with his Optinz service?
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    I tried a service similar to this earlier this year and received subscribers who didn't open a single email! (talk about defeating the point of email marketing!) In my opinion, it's not the price of the subscriber, it's the quality that counts.

    Contact some of the testimonials that have used this service and ask about their experience.
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    Solo Ads are not going to make you money selling your product or service.
    Its just a bunch of people selling recycled and dead clicks to each other and to newbies who dont understand they are getting played.
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    I am interested in seeing some reviews of his service as well.

    The previous replied from other warriors don't satisfy me since one guy
    only talks about a similar service and the other one gives his opinion
    about solo ads.

    Nobody here who tried out Prashant's service? Maybe it works that good
    that they want to keep it secret and re-order more and more subscribers?

    It sounds a high price at $497 for 1000 subscribers but when you compare it with any other solution it is a bargain. I compared most of the ways to get new subscribers.

    I hope some previous customers will see this thread and give their review soon.



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      Similar concept to opt-intelligence.com but never had success with them. I got emails sent to my lists but it doesn't convert.
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