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Hello guys its me again thank you for answering my previus question .
Today i started a new project for an industrial company. They want to start selling in new places in europe BUT the big but is that they have like zero digital pressence. Only one pretty old site and some really bad newsletters. My thought is that i have to start from correcting their emails . So the actual question is what you think about it? Plus do you have any great advices for newsletters? Their old newsletters are so salty i bet noone ever read them. Sad part is that their products are really good and they want to get more customers and more resellers etc. I could really use some really good ideas on how to create a really good email for industrial clients.
Thank you in advance !!!
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    There are some really good resources - first one is this this forum. It has tons of useful information. Use the search feature and you will find tons of good info, much more than youwill get just by asking a question. As for the specifics of a newsletter - top auto responder services such as Aweber or GetResponse have a variety of excellent templates that can be customized to make a nice professional email newsletter.

    Their website should be fixed to look nice and have an optin form to capture email addresses. Then drive traffic to the site and you should built up digital awareness of the company and their products.
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    Well, given I don't know exactly what they sell, and who they sell to, here's some thoughts for some possible action:

    1) Interview one of the sales associates in the company and ask what type of information would be valuable to many of the customers. Compile a list of about 10 challenges that the company can offer some solutions. Then, turn those 10 informational solutions into 10 FREE REPORTS that you can offer in a Facebook Ad. The Ad will have a link to an Optin page asking for an email address. Using Facebook's Audience Insights, you will target specific cities, specific business types/owners.

    2) Using LinkedIn, you can identify professionals who work for businesses who can be potential customers of your client. It might be a manual search, however, you can quickly identify key decision makers and share your optin page URL.

    It really boils down to researching and categorizing all of their customers to target them in whatever area they want to service.

    Hope that gets some mental juices flowing!
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    The subject line matters most!

    If you don't have them opening it.. who cares what's inside. Rather than re-write an entire sequence, test a small thing like headers and work from there.. that way you're improving on the MOST IMPORTANT things first, and able to move onto another digital marketing portion immediately thereafter.

    I'd suggest Facebook paid ads if they are looking to expand their audience.. really great place to get click cheaper that Google Adwords.
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    try to find out from the kind of information that will be valuable to the company customers. Make a list of say 10 problems that the company can solve. Then convert the list to 10 free reports with solutions that you can offer in Facebook’s Ad which will have link to an optin page requesting for email addresses. Then with FAI you will be able to target specific business types, owners, cities etc.
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      That is a very good ideas for the free report
      and make sure that the site look very good
      image is important.

      Mike "ProMike" Leger

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    Aweber has a really good template for developing newsletters and you can set up drip campaigns quite easily so that people on your list or who join can be sent them without you having to do too much work. Also, I would recommend getting someone who knows how to set up websites properly (integration with social media/landing pages etc..) as this will pay dividends.
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