What do you do with the inactive email subscribers?

by northwish 9 replies
I am wondering which is the best approach in handling inactive email subscribers? Do you simply remove them from the list after a specific time frame of inactivity? Or do you send them some sort of "warning" email before? Do you have any other ideas?
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    You need to re-activate them.. I usually do this by sending a 5-day SOAP opera sequence to get them interested in me again..

    I then have them RE-optin to another page for another freebie offer..

    These are the people you want to keep activated.. everyone else is considered too cold and would take a separate campaign to warm up again..

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      Good answer.
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      Nice graphic! I like the 5 day themes of your Soap Opera Sequence.
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      stolen from Russell Brunson
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    Delete them, they're inactive for a reason. They don't care or the email is going into a spam folder.
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    Hey northwish, Re-engaging with sleeping subscribers saves your time and effort in acquiring new subscribers...so don't just lose them!
    Rather than dumping automated/text based emails, you can always trigger the subscriber's response by asking them to give away their feedback, offering them an exclusive coupon code & attaching a GIF or a video would definitely end up inducing them hit "Reply" to your emails!
    You can read about such real-time hacks to wake your sleeping Subscribers on the blogs written by EasySendy Pro Email Marketing Platform!
    Hope this helps
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    I always remove inactive users on my list within 30-60 days, because if they have not made a move yet, they are likely never going to make a move and just cost me money to keep them there.

    Bigger is not always better, I always working to optimize my lists to have the most active and profitable subscribers on my list.
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      Generally, it's best just to delete them. If you haven't connected with them for over 60 days, most likely you never will.
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        I think the "Soap Opera Sequence" is worth trying. If it fails - delete'em.
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