Cold Email, has it worked for any real people since the 90's?

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I'm serious, has anyone who is not a guru sent out an email that was not spam and had a return that was greater then the time and money invested? If you spent 8 hours of your day to make $5 you have to admit that is a loss. So take your time into consideration as well.

I have sent out 100's of e-mails, as the great gurus of warriorforum preach.

All I got in return was ONE reply. He must have been raised extremely well by his parents, he actually said:
"no thanks."

Find it strange that the mystical guru's get a 50% reply rate when I get maybe 0.001% reply rate and all they say is "no thanks".

I'm not mass spamming, I'm personalizing the messages I even use screenshots of their sites, make videos for them and stuff that the gurus have thought.
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    Are you sending B2B or B2C?

    How are you getting your data?
    What are you promoting?
    How to Build HUGE EMAIL LISTS on a BUDGET and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    what Diablo said.
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    Hey, what's up!

    When you say, "cold emails", do you mean sending an email to someone not expecting an email from you?

    If so, then it's really considered as spam.

    Personally, if I get an email that happens to slip through my spam filter, and was not prompted by me somehow, I delete and even report as spam.

    The only reason I would open an email is if I opted into someone's offer.

    For this reason, Email Marketers have to lead with a FREE OFFER that will catch the targeted reader's attention and motivate them to provide their email address. Once they provide their email, we're in their virtual circle of trust.

    Sorry, if I'm preaching to the choir here, but one last thing:

    If you are promoting a product or service, your job as an email marketer is not to sell the product in the email.

    Your job is to "change their mental state" and "get them excited" about an offer that you have. You then provide the link and let the website do the selling.

    I hope that post was relevant, or at least got your juices flowing.

    Great luck to you!
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      i don't even know why you bother to report as spam it's just an email not someone trying to attack you, all these spam laws are just ridiculous an "unsolicited email" omg thats so dangerous someone could die from that! jk.
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    You should take only the ones who reply to your cold emails, send them to your free offer and then switch them to a "warm" list. That's the only way you will separate the good from the bad. If you are not getting anything after 100's of emails sent to each, you should start from scratch and rebuild a new list.
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    yes it is working and have a great scope to achieve thousands
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