If you want to struggle in business, DO NOT do email marketing!

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Wow, what a bold statement, huh?

Did I grab your attention?

If so, that means I'm on to something, lol.

Let me make this very clear:

If you show me the size of your email list, I'll show you the size of your wallet :-)

Email marketing is likened to building your business on rock or sand.

What are all the million dollar companies doing today with their marketing efforts?

Look in your Spam folder and your Promotions folder in Gmail.

Those who know how to do it right, will not end up in either folder.

That's where the saavy Email Marketers come into play.

They know exactly how to attract specific people who need something specific,
offer it to them for FREE in exchange for their virtual trust!

Once you're in their virtual circle of trust and set the right expectations...


You can offer to them all day until the cows go home, lol.

Very exciting stuff.

Great luck to you all!
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