SEO leads using solo ads?

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I read on WF that some person was generating seo leads from udimi solo ads.I am totally new to this so I'd appreciate if someone helps me out.

How do solo ads usually work? do you just send email copy with you contact info or you send a link with optin form? My target is to capture interested prospects for seo or web design services.

Furthermore, is it even worth to try to generate leads using solo ads in this niche? or it only works well for other biz opp type niches.

Positive suggestions are appreciated.
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    Solo Ads work like this
    You pay money
    You give them copy
    They send "traffic" to your site.
    You get some "leads"
    You get no sales.
    You go cry in the corner.
    You wonder why all the people in the testimonials are making so much money and you are not.
    And you go repeat the cycle.
    You run out of money and realize solo ads are a scam.
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    Everyone understands the power of e-mail marketing but many marketers are unable to benefit from it when they burn their hands after buying from a vendor who delivers poor quality traffic. Therefore, it is important for you to read the recent user reviews before you click that buy button. As mentioned above, you should visit various forums where you can find user reviews of various vendors. Also, make sure that the reviews sound natural. Any vendor with 100% positive reviews is likely using fake reviews as it is nearly impossible to satisfy all the customers.
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    I think ProducerK has it right, unfortunately
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    Like with any other traffic source you will have to find out what works and what does not. I would not say that solo ads are all scam, naturally. Seeing my signature you'll think I am biased ...

    In your case I would not look on udimi for solo ads. I would rather look for owners of related blogs, maybe people who have collected email addresses from a related udemy course, product creators in your niche etc. They will most likely have the best targeted audience for you. Ask them if you can buy a solo ad from them.
    Some solo ad sellers just try to sell as many clicks as they can, and they will not use your email copy. They will use some generic headlines and email copy to get as many opens and clicks as they can. That way you get a surge of traffic that is not in the least bit interested in your specific offer.

    Reviews unfortunately are no great help, because they will come from other solo ad sellers who are buying clicks to keep their own list fresh. So they will have some generic squeeze page that is also geared at getting as many subs as possible, and these subs will not be very targeted.
    Their list will probably be a diffuse collection of people who are looking for some way to make money online.
    They will not be impressed with an pffer that smells like "Work" ...
    your offer sounds like it is geared at people who want to set up a blog or a review site or things like that and do not know how to do the webdesign. Or people who already have a page and need it ranked.
    My guess is that you won't find these people on a bizopp solo ad list.

    If I were you I'd go to warrior plus, look for offers that your target customer would be buying and then ask the product owner if they'd do an email blast for you.
    Same with jvzoo and clickbank
    I think this is much more likely to get you targeted leads
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