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Hi guys,

I was wondering what you found to be the best mass mailing software?

So far have looked at;

Atomic Mail Sender
Gammadyne Mailer

they are the only ones that I've looked at. More interested in the first two as they seem to offer more freedom and less restrictions.

Anyone you would recommend?
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    Hi @affdaft,

    Have you taken a look at this thread?

    Check it out! Those Warriors have a really good thing to say about your inquiry.
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      Hi @ciaral,

      Thanks for your reply I will take a look I searched on the forum using keyword search and read most of the things but must have missed that!
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      I just clicked the link it said the thread has been removed not sure if error on my side. Thanks
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    Hey affdaft, the well known mass emailing platform out there are EasySendy Pro, MailChimp, GetResponse and many!
    I would suggest you can go ahead exploring EasySendy Pro email platform since you can get started using multiple SMTP servers at the same time.
    The best part is that you can choose the SMTP of your choice and start shooting your bulk emails via two or more servers, this also helps grabbing many link clicks and email opens! EasySendy Pro has tailor made pricing plans for every business which is why the budget spent on emailing is totally optimized!
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    Hi OP, you are mixing up a few things here ...

    Aweber is a fully hosted solution while these other two are only the apps to create sign up forms, organize lists and compose & design mails. With these two you will still need an additional service that actually sends your emails. An smtp relay for instance.
    And while the app itself is cheap the smtp relays probably won't be unless you send less than 10 000 or 15 000 emails a month.

    Unless you have a VPS with powermta or some such service installed, your own IPs and DNS and rDNS settings all good (spdf records & dkim) you will not be able to send mass email via your own smtp server

    The thing with smtp relays is you always pay per email sent
    with aweber or get response you pay more if you go over a subscriber limit
    with mailchimp you have both email sending and subscriber limits that will cause you to pay more.
    and there are at least thirty more autoresponder companies you could look at
    and at least twenty smtp relay services you can use

    The real question is - what do you want to do? Have lots of subs? Send lots of mails? Both?
    Are you doing affiliate marketing? Sending adult offers, forex, make money online, dating?

    (These are things that will violate the TOS of many autoresponder companies. AND smtp relays too for that matter)

    So even if you buy the Atomic mail sender and then send via amazon ses (I don't know if it is even possible, but let's say it is and amazon is the cheapest mail relay I know) you are still not "Free". You are still dependent on third party (=amazon) and they are pretty strict.
    Just one wrong move and you are banned and account closed on amazon. And you will find it very hard to open another account. In fact, if amazon detects just the slimmest connection between your old and new account they will immediately ban your new account too.

    Most mail relays are equally strict because they have their sending reputation to protect.

    So do autoresponder companies, but here you will find some that are less strict (like aweber) and will allow you to do things that others won't

    As I said, first know what you want to do, then know what you need for it, then start looking for the service that will provide what you need

    Originally Posted by affdaft View Post

    Hi guys,

    Atomic Mail Sender
    Gammadyne Mailer
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      Thanks for your reply @rritz.

      I would be looking to send eventually approx 100,000 emails per month.

      I have two VPS's but these are not used for emailing purposes do the VPS's need to be specifically for emailing?

      I would be looking to send make money online related offers, I was thinking of using Atomic Mail Sender and MailJet as SMTP is this something that could work?
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    What type of mass mailing are you referring to?

    Most members here do mainstream email marketing and develop their own opt-in lists. If this is what you are doing, there are many well-known/reliable ESPs like aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, etc... You just need to choose one that's right for you, as some have certain restrictions.

    Then you have those that monetize purchased email data. Which is a whole other ball game and there is much more involved. Many use high-end mailers that you have to lease for $500-$1000 per month + IP costs and there are those that use ESPs. They both have their own pros/cons.

    Note: I'm not talking about spamming. You can buy 3rd party data, which is data that the users have provided permission to receive messages from third parties and is 100% can-spam compliant.

    I have been doing all of the above for over 16 years. I have even developed my own high volume / high speed mailer as none really existed when I started. Which actually worked out well to my advantage because I didn't have to lease them and I could quickly modify as needed. However, this is not cheap and the cost has easily been upwards of $200K or more to date.
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      Hi Diablo,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Like yourself it would be 3rd party purchased data but it would also be CAN-SPAM compliant.

      I was thinking of using Atomic Mail Sender and MailJet but as rritz said I am not sure if I need to use a specific IP from my end beforehand?
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      Thanks @Mujib do they allow for purchased lists?
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      Looking for services that will allow to use purchased data?
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