Solo Ad Swaps: How Big Does Your List Have to Be For This?

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I've been buying solo ads for a while now. Eventually, I would also like to try out solo ad swaps. How big does your subscriber list have to be to take advantage of this? Is there a recommended size like 10,000+ or can it be less?

Also, what are your thoughts on solo ad swaps? Good idea? Does it work?
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    I do not do ad swaps, however, I have been reading quite a bit about solo's and swaps and from what I have read you can start swapping with as few as 100 subs. With low numbers of subs your wording for the swap has to reflect that. Although if I were to do it I would probably only do a swap if I had at least 1000 engaged subs


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    The problem with ad swaps is that you can dilute your list quality. Many solo venders have some emails on there lists as others. You can never tell how many cycles of swapping a list has been through. I would not do ad swaps but rather concentrate on solo providers who builds their own list with real buyers and can prove it by marketing their own products to there lists. Most list are a mixture of buyers and others. Find good suppliers and always run a test solo first.

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    Good advice. Thanks guys.
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    It's the quality of your list...not the size. I would think that continued ad swaps will lead to a less responsive list
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    IF you are doing ad swaps - and I don't recommend doing it or not doing it here - it's not about your list size but about the number of clicks you will be able to deliver. In solo ad world, it all about sending the same amount of clicks back and forth. So If you are sure you can send 200 clicks to a swap partner then make a 200 click deal. You send 200 you receive 200

    Ad swaps can be a very good thing if you find a partner with a list interested in your offer.
    Try to find out how the list was built, what things your prospective partner promotes to his list and how he or she writes their swipes.

    I don't think swapping will necessarily dilute your list's quality. If you do your homework, that is
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    The size does not matter at all. What you want to do is trade solo ads with others that have basically the SAME size email list as yours.

    Now if your list size is 50 I would not expect much to happen from trading with someone else that has a list of 50.

    Personally I would wait until your list is about 500 subscribers.
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